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I am newbie and i have copied your afl and pasted it is giving some semicolomn error i have tried from page 12 too PLEASE CORRECT THE TIME AND GIVE US IN THE AFL FORMAT WARFUL OF THANKS:confused::)
What error are you getting ?? Please paste the screenshot here ...



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Using ADX Indicator to Profit Consistently

Using ADX to Profit

Tools Candlestick on Hourly Time Frame , ADX (14) and MA 20 period

Trade Setup A 14-period ADX must initially be greater than 30 and rising. This is mainly done to identify strongly trending market. Once the initial job of identifying a strongly trending market is undertaken, then look for a retracement in price to the 20-period moving average. When the price touches the 20-period moving average, buy above the high of the previous bar and ride the trend. The buy signal should come within the next two trading sessions. If this does not happen, then the pattern is void.

Example - Below is an example of Auropharma which has been one of the trending stocks in the current run (look at the 14 period ADX below). I have highlighted three areas where the price has touched the 20 period average and formed the pattern mentioned above. Everytime the prices touched the MA 20 period average, the next bar high has given the entry signal. Profits usually should be taken once the price moves 5-10% away from the moving average. This pattern is extremely effective but works only with strong trending stocks.

STOPLOSS - Stop loss is if the price closes below the 20 period average. Also previous swing low can be used.

Usage - Can be used on Daily time frame chart.

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Re: 15-Min Intraday Setup

15-Min Intraday Setup

Requirement Candlestick Charts/Bar Charts with MACD (standard setting) and MA (50), EMA (20) and EMA (10)

Brief Introduction I came across this setup while watching Greg Capra's seminar. I have modified this setup based on my trading experience.
I have added the MACD indicator for filtering out bad trades. The setup is simple to understand and implement. This setup is extremely effective to day trade and can get about 30-50 points on the Nifty. Please use this strategy on Nifty as I have researched this setup on it.

Trade Setup - Pick a stock which has run up quite a bit and is due for a correction. A typical setup occurs when the 50 MA slopes down (with angle between 20-30) and prices fall sharply. Eventually prices retrace back to 20 EMA or 10 EMA which also happens to be the 38 -50% retracement from the swing high. Enter a short position at this point and book profits according to your own appetite.

Example - In an example shown below, Nifty has run up quite a bit and has formed a new high. Prices start to drop off from this level. Over the period of two days, the slope of 50 SMA starts to curve down and the setup is formed. Prices fall off on 14th sharply and then retrace back to 20 EMA on the 15th. This level is also between 38.2 and 50% retracement level from swing high. MACD slope is negative and is about to turn below zero. Ideal setup for a short trade.

StopLoss - Stoploss if it breaches the 20 EMA and reaches the 50 SMA. Ideally, one can stop if the trade breaches 20 EMA.

Usage - This pattern can be used on 15Min charts for day trades.

Hi Raunak, Thank you for your settings. They are working fine. can i have ur no. or call me on nine two two five two one zero eight zero zero.


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Markets have potentially entered an 'iffy' period. I don't know how long this would last. But as of now I am not adding long positions. I would particularly wait now for the previous high to be taken out (5330). This would be a good point to go long. As of now though, I am sitting with tight trailing stop loss waiting for the market's to show me what to do.


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are the charts hosted at good enough for analysis purpose?
It depends dear. I have heard google finance is better. However i have no personal experience with it.

Yahoo and Google should give accurate data and I don't find any harm using them. However, the indicators and tools that you get on a standalone application like metastock or amibroker cannot be provided by a web based application.


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Investment trades. Will update the sheet at the end of the week.

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