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Which date should the meet be held?

  • February 27th 2011

    Votes: 19 59.4%
  • March 6th 2011

    Votes: 8 25.0%
  • March 13th 2011

    Votes: 5 15.6%

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Final Trades off the tracking list.

Concor - B 1325 S 1320 (Loss 5Rs per lot) Won't be entering again. Thinly traded issue.
Colpal - B 866.3 (Currently holding)
Titan - B 3233 (Currently holding)

Let's see if this comes out as a genuine move in Titan. Stock is due for an up move. Towards the close Colpal went from being -0.47% to + 2% (860 to 880). Still expect the stock to do well. Will be updating the SL in the evening.

Rest of the stocks remain in the list for valid up moves. Will update as and when opportunity arises.

Both ColPal and TItan are doing exceptionally well today given the overall market.

Need to see if it can close with the same momentum going forward.



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How do we trade pattern on daily chart and pattern on 30 min chart and pattern on 60min chart? Let me be more clear...

Say for I had initiated trade based on daily pattern which gave me tgt of 260... now stock started moving towards my target and within this movement or journey stock started developing pattern on 30 min and 60 min chart and that pattern very similar to daily pattern and based on the same method used on daily pattern... now situation is daily pattern gave me tgt of 260 but 30 min and 60 min pattern which is developed recently giving me tgt of 274 or so...... What should I do???



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how did u add multiple replies as quote??? I many time want to do this but dont know...
Apurv do the following.

Besides the "Quote" button is a ""+ button. Click on that first. That becomes your first quote. After that then click the simple "quote" button on the next post you want to reply to.

You will get what you desired.


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