Suggest Simple Method for 10% profit

let me guess, you want to get rich quick. words of advice, don't even try it. Your investing career will be wiped out before you even start. be realistic about your returns


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Hi, newcomer to this forum. But I've been trading the US Stock market for a while.

5-10% per month (after commissions and tax) is possible with two strategies atleast, that I'm comfortable with in the US Stock market:

- When VIX is high, sell vertical spreads or iron condors (that's a combination of two vertical spreads), primarily on index etfs.
- When VIX is low, buy calendars and possibly, hedge with a butterfly. Again, only on index etfs, or the index directly.

For the Indian stock market, I'm assuming things are the same. As I am a newcomer to the NSE and BSE, I'm hoping to learn about what is and is not possible here.

Are there any options / futures traders on this forum?
Yes.. I trade more or less on the same lines. It is definitely possible to make 5-10% a month with it. Although at this % level one must have good capital (atleast 10L+) otherwise its a waste of time as one could do a job and make more money instead.
It is definately possible to make 5 to 10 % per month on your trading capital but it is not is tough, it requires plenty of work, discipline,mental qualities and a strong will to succeed. It is not that you have a formula...go on trading and make 10% pm

Just to give you an idea of what is possible in trading,a good future trader after 3-5 years experience makes 15-20 % per month. I have seen exceptional traders making 55-60% per month never risking more than 1.5 % of their trading capital on any single trade. All this in real time trades reporting....but they are just too good.....

With these benchmarks we all should try to improve our way an easy task...but then anything too good is never too easy in life....

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Guaranteed way to not make money is to ask another person,however expert he might be,how to make money,irrespective of the percentage of return. Ever heard of someone becoming an surgeon,by learning from another surgeon,without going through the process of acquiring qualification,internship and practice?To make money,one has to first invest time in learning the skills of trade. Everybody expects return in unbelievable proportions without bothering to acquire the skill. Next comes practice and system development. Next comes money management and risk management. Once should first decide whether he wants to be a trader or investor. Investor is one who has different source of income and wants to have best returns on the surplus money he has. Whereas trading is a full time profession which takes time and discipline. A real professional trader will just continue to trade within the rules and never has any fixed target. He just rides with the market. An investor ,on the other hand,should be sure of his returns.
Good. Very nice Query.. Means you want 60% to 120% Per year return on your investment ....that too in Trading....How well you prepared yourself to achieve this stupendous returns... But genuine advise.... DO NOT GO FOR ANY TIP services, gullible promises of any Relationship Manger of any Brokerage House you are having Demat cum Trading account with.
It's possible just not that consistent overall, so please be very carefull with that matter entirely, and do not listen to anybody who will tell you that it's all possible and so on please, I am totally lost how far people can go with scamming each other;)
Dear Prabuinet,

Sorry for my late answer....I would be so happy if I would have a method/process to make 5-10% every month!!!
Imagine...If you would accumulate your 5-10% per month it would mean a 80%-213% yearly return or simply 60%-120% yearly return if you would withdraw your profit every month. DON'T DREAM!!!
Markets are unpredictable, tough and not friendly. Have this in mind.
It doesn't mean investing is not profitable! But you need to learn, work hard, study, be extremely disciplined and be ready to loose before making money. Even the most seasoned investors have period where they loose money. Making money in Capital Market is not a given

Enjoy investing!

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