Suggest Simple Method for 10% profit

This is because the traders themselves have to identify which type of trading setups suits them, for like if you reacts quickly to the changes in your surrounding then chances are that scalping or intraday trading suits you whereas if it took you a long time to make decision then short term trading may not works for you. Then you have to look for trading on the longer time frames.
You can make 20% per week also intraday. But for that you don't just need strategy. There are many more facets. Like position sizing, risk management, trade management, and technical analysis apart from your confidence on your view. Suppose you trade intraday and you take trades at 9:15am, 10am, 11am 12:30pm, 2pm and 2:45pm and on all week days with same strategy then you are on the way to be doomed sooner than later.
You should know the volatility times and non volatility times during the day.
I suggest you to first make a view of the market for intraday. This should come from your experience and knowledge. There are certain imp levels like yesterdays trading range, open gaps etc. and after looking at current price action it can become hazily obvious the coming up big moves. If you practice these big moves enough they are repetitive. But market structure also plays a big role. markets have dynamic structures but most common are High volatility (India vix) and low volatility, Trending market and range bound market. If you know and understand moves in these and many more market structures and the more experience you have the better the result. I know with proper leverage, knowledge edge and strategies you can make it. But if you think one strategy fits all market structures and phases then you don't know trading. You have to develop your own method. I hope this info will direct you towards your goal.

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