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  • Dear Nick,

    Welcome to the wonderful world of Share Trading.I suggest you first do mock trading.See how your judgement works.Do self analysis in a paper and only when your accuracy rate is more than 75 %,enter actual trading.Many useful books are available in prominent bookstores to make you conversant with basics of trading.I would be glad to assist you for any queries you might have.Good Luck!
    Dear friend,

    I have trading for sometime now. Whatever I have learn about technical analysis and trading related matters it was mostly from traderji site. I also want to go for full time trading. For that purpose, I want to take some classes, training etc. Right now I doing delivery trading i.e. buying and selling in upmarket. I want to trade (sort) even when the market is down. Though I have gone through articles, some techniques of doing it, it is not very clear to me. That is why I want to take some classes & training sothat my base is firm. Unfortunately I am from a far away place in Assam and facility is not available. Trading is not very popular as yet. Therefore, I would be glad if you can guide me in my endeavour.


    Geojit does allow shortselling but only during very volatile market,they temporarily dont allow.Happy Trading!
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