Suggest Simple Method for 10% profit

Dear All,

I'm new to trading & have learned few basics by going through related sites and from this Forum.

I'm unable to do intraday due to office, i would rather like to go for Swing trading.

Could someone let me know whether we can make 5-10% of margin for an investment of 50K per month.

Thnks & Rgds


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Rajputz, I think MKS has a point. If this does work for you, why not share!
cause it is not a strategy that works for me. It is the understanding of the market that makes it work. it is discipline. It is mindset. If a person is having a strategy for getting profit in day trading, then believe me he is not going to share it with any one. Those holygrails and codes are with big financial institutions that generate them profit. If it was with us, then we wouldnt be here in forum. We here try to develop the understanding of the market. As it forms 85% of the trading, rest 15% are strategies. Even though if you are looking for some strategy, then try to search the forums on sticky threads, the various strategy persons are using and getting profit. Even though they have shared it with everyone, only the owner is getting the good profits, cause he has the proper understanding. So better make your own profit strategy.

For me, i dont have a strategy. I just try to find the opportunity to earn. I try to study the stocks charts at the eod. Figure out the good stocks. determine my buy value and exit value and work accordingly. Everyday i have a new pick for me. and many other methods which i alter as according to market situations.

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