Suggest Simple Method for 10% profit

Can anyone suggest me a simple trading method/system to make atleast 5% to 10% profit per month with intraday. For example if I invest 30K i should be able to make 3k per month.

Its all about your luck. Try with ReliaceMoney or other demat service which offers less trading charges. You may try BTST as well for 5%-10% per month. Try to buy a stock that is more than 5% down. The next day that scrip will rise at least 1-2%.
I strongly disagree with the "Impossible"
It is possible sometimes,but every month consistently continuously its impossible.Besttraders of the world earn a return of 50 to 60% per annum on an average,that itself is more than goood.Its possible to make even 200% or 500% with small capital but as the account size grows its not possible to maintain the same returns,thats why even big funds look for 20 to 30% returns per annum.
In markets, there must be a person to lose for another person so win, so bigger accounts cannot make as much money which smallers accounts can.In markets 95% of the volume is institutional volume so institutions have to fight with institutions for their return so in higher level even 15 to 20% is very good.:)
Also some peple say they make 200% or 300% per year.I agree with them i do but the question is what is the risk?.My friend who is a forex trader said,in last 2 years he has made 200% of his account, i said ok what is the drawdown? he says 60%!!!!.I told him its not a big talent to make 200% with 60% drawdown, it will just need one drawdown to hit and half of his accont is gone and with the rest half of his account it depends upon his pscychology to follow his system after 60% money already gone.60% is just paper drawdown and there is one saying "the worst drawdown is yet to come".
My point is that the return should be evaluated with the risk involved.:)Making 50% per annum with 5% risk is better than making 200% with 60% risk.
Many firms were the best in the field before they go broke because of poor risk management.
see the following 2 examples, which were the best outperformers before they went broke.
another one
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