ProStocks - Unlimited Trading Plan and Flat Fee Plan

Many Stock broker gets trade cleared from Professional Clearing Member and pay the fees for this is called Called PCM Fees. Such fees cannot be recovered from client however Stock Broker are adding in clearing charges or taking as turnover charges, which is illegal. Who ever complaint to NSE, got refund along with interest. Read my Blog on this aspect Overcharging ‘Exchange Transaction Fee’ by Many Brokers in India
You seem to be very clear that its illegal to charge clearing fees even if those brokers pay to professional clearing member - than how come still in 2023 some brokers charge clearing fees ...check this

Can you offer lifetime brokerage with onetime charge like mirae or jainam or wisdom capital?
Hello Mr. Toshniwal ,
Can you share what are the deposits requirements to be a broker?
Also what are fixed monthly/annual expenses for a broker after you become member?
I am trying to understand your investment and expenses so I can understand why you charge what you charge