flat brokerage

  1. jyotixxx

    Axis Direct Rs 20 per order ( Though With Some Conditions)

    It's seems very soon all the the big players are going to jump in to this game! Axis Direct announces Rs 20/ Per order with some conditions! https://simplehai.axisdirect.in/trade-at-20.html
  2. DayTrader007

    Best Broker in India ... Flat Monthly Fees.

    Let's find who is Really Best Broker in India who charge Flat Monthly Fees. (Not Rs. 10 - 20 per trade) Existing Traders please give your view on below link ... http://www.traderji.com/brokers-trading-platforms/102570-best-broker-india-flat-monthly-fees.html#post1170566
  3. DayTrader007

    Best Broker in India ... Flat Monthly Fees.

    Who is India's best online broker who provides Unlimited Plans. Brokers with Flat Monthly Brokerage plans and NOT Rs. 10 - 20 per trade plans. Some I heard about ... Trade Smart Online SAS Online UpStocks Wisdom Capital Achiievers Equities MyValueTrade India Procon DPL Online and some more...
  4. R

    Day Trading

    Hello Everybody, I am a Day Trader. I have experience in trading stocks, futures and options. Have experienced Rmoney, India Bulls and India Infoline. Have come out with nothing after two years of trading activity only to find out that I was not trading for my benefit but for the benefit of...