1. S P Toshniwal

    ProStocks - Unlimited Trading Plan and Flat Fee Plan

    Dear Members, We are happy to be part of Tradeji community. We are here to share our ideas, products, and services offered by us. We would appreciate your questions, suggestions, and feedback about ProStocks. About ProStocks We are a SEBI registered stock broker offering online discount...
  2. L

    Zerodha Annual Charges

    As I understand from Zerodha's website, AMC of Rs. 300 is applicable. I am checking ledger details for the last financial year and I see that AMC charges have been deducted twice as follows: 1) 23/05/2016 JV Being AMC charges for IL&FS Demat account 433.15 2) 29/06/2016 JV Being DP AMC...
  3. S

    which is better in terms of 1.AMC 2.COST & TAX 3.SPEED 4.EASE OF USE

    PLEASE HELP which is better in terms of 1.AMC 2.TRADING COST & TAX 3.SPEED 4.EASE OF USE THANKS