ProStocks - Unlimited Trading Plan and Flat Fee Plan

even for the phone number or email id change , u need to fill manual paper sign and courier all documents to prostocks , that surprises me, even after filling the form online and sending them back they ask for physical documents . i have been using other dmat accounts even in early 2014 i just need to write a email thats it.. now in 2023 , is this all needed photo attestation 2 signs etc.... to just change a mobile number or email id???
finally after sending them request to modify my mobile/email id with filled document and signed on it with all details in email, they want us to courier physical copy, i have never seen this with any broker even for a small mobile number change or email change they want a physical copy. Finally decided to close my account with them as ill be travelling abroad every now and then,.it doesnt work for me.
Other accounts are much better and instant and online and OTP based... hope such things dont create hectic for other trading members. its everything online now days but here they all work with physical courier copy which doesnt work with me..


finally closing the account with them.... thanks... as sending courier every time is not possible for any changes in account ....other 4 brokers im happy i could do that from back office itself. i dont think they are customer oriented people at all. i asked to change my email id , i said ill send courier in couple of days but they are like we will not do until we receive where as i even emailed them a scanned copy signing it but sitll its of no use why do they require scanned copy when they dont want to do it online i dont understand it.