Reliable Broker offering unlimited trading plan and supporting bracket orders

Dear Forum Members,

I am looking for a reliable broker who are offering the below mandatory features :

a) Support for NSE and MCX
b) Should offer bracket orders in all segments - equity , equity F&O and MCX Futures
c) Should offer unlimited trading plan . Monthly brokerage should be fixed.
d) Leverage should be decent enough. atleast 2X for MIS and 4X for bracket orders.

Went through many many brokers websites and also went through most of the traderji forums and googled but still unable to find a broker with all above criteria. Need help from forum members to suggest a broker who can fit into all the above four criteria.
I have already analysed the below brokers .


- does not support bracket orders for equity options. Supports only Futures.

- Only one bracket order can be placed at a time in one script. Multiple bracket orders cannot be placed on the same script .


- for brackets orders, extra Rs. 9 per lot is being charged over and above the monthly unlimited plan charges


- No support for bracket orders yet


-- unlimited plan has been discontinued


-- No Leverage – only 1 X offered.
-- I am unable to understand completely on how they are making money if they are really offering zero brokerage as claimed. So, dont want to take risk unless this point gets cleared.


-- No support for MCX


-- No Support for MCX
Introducing "ProStocks Star"

ProStocks Star has the following advantages:

  • Cover Order (Placing Normal and Stop Loss order together)
  • Bracket Order (Placing Normal, Stop Loss and Profit order together, including Options buying)
  • GTT Orders (Good Till Traded where order remain valid till traded or 365 Days whichever earlier)
  • Basket Orders with Hedge benefits and option to see order level margin and post trade margin.
  • Place After Market Hours( AMO) Order as soon as market closes till next day when market opens.
  • Multi Leg Orders and Day Spread Orders.
  • Nifty 500 scrip for Normal Intraday orders, almost 1000 scrip in CO and BO Equity Intraday orders.
  • Real time Hedge Margin Benefit on FNO position where portfolio has hedge.
  • Option to login to Web, Mobile and Desktop all together at the same time.
  • Smooth order execution and best RMS.
  • Know your Peak Margin real-time.
  • Span Margin gets updated 5 times a day.
  • Option to take Fox Trader on same platform (Paid separately to vendor of Fox Trader, 7 days free Demo available)
  • API along with web socket to develop your own strategy.
  • CO, BO and GTT also included in Monthly Unlimited Trading Brokerage Plan. Pay just Rs 899/- towards brokerage for Equity and Derivatives. Rs 499/- for Currency Derivatives.
  • Link to Excel option is available.
  • Extremely flexible to create multiple workspaces.
  • Sync market Watch between Web and Mobile. Desktop application can open Market Watches of Web and Mobile.
  • EDIS option is available. (No PoA required for sale of delivery)
  • Set Default order type for Each Exchange and segment separately .
  • Option to Check Order Margin before placing order.
  • Option for Toast or Sound on orders, trade confirmation .
  • Export any report in Excel.
  • Single sign-in to Back Office from Web and Desktop
  • Mobile App for Android as well as IOS.

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