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I have added it in my signature. If anyone wants they can refer it.
Today being expiry in Bank Nifty, they might keep the markets in a range or take it up marginally too but till the time i see the OBV volumes come back, i would be skeptical about all up moves and would not like to keep big long positions overnight.


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Analysis went horribly wrong. Sorry.
Varun ji, no issues. Keep up the good work.
As an after thought, in higher tf (30 minutes), price touched 36 ema after 2 weeks after breaking out on 24 april, while obv touched 200ema and reversed. Profit booking or reentry is what the chart was telling us. Just my 2 cents.


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Today OBV opened and stayed bellow yeasterday's range of obv. and as it peared in range and made new hi for today at first in obv price failed to break out of range. not even it made HH. instead it was forming LH at yesterday's price range hi. so shorted @ 9365 with sl of 9368 as initial sl

and exited at 9350
Was caught up in shorting mood since yesterday. Was numbed by the rude shock this morning. Thankfully TradeNiftyBulls post made me come back to reality and the OBV volumes which had come down since the last 2 days did not fall below the PDC line today and sanity was restored. The gap up unsettled me at first. (Was not expecting this big a gap).
After a gap up opening if the price sustains for first 1 hour,usually the market builds on the gap opening and today by 11-11:30 it was clear on the charts that we are going to see higher it OBV,pivots,VWAP all pointing to an upmove...


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