intra day trading

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    How to choose stock for buy or short position during opening hours in day trading?

    What makes traders to decide to take long or short position in opening hours. Every stock will not be in news at the same time. Please share your opinions
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    How below intra-day transaction works?

    Brought 1 unit (1 Aug) -> 100 Rs Sold 1 unit (1 September) -> 150 Rs Buy 1 unit ( 1 September) - > 200 Rs Sold 1 unit ( 1 September) - > 200 Rs Am I making 100 Rs Profit at end of the day?
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    Crude oil trading using GANN square

    I will update Crude oil trading based on GANN square of 9 strategy daily. Please update your suggestions and feedback if any.
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    Intro Speech.....

    Warm Good morning to all members. I enter into this community today. Here I am looking forward for gaining and sharing some good knowledge about trading. Being a trader I must have to upgrade myself........Hope this platform can do something with that.:thumb::thumb:
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    Can we rely only on Pivot point trading strategy?

    Hi Friends, I'am new to trading..i am much interested to enter into Intra-day Equity trading. As usual..i started to browse to get as much as info possible..and again as said..the more i started browsing on trading strategies..the more confusing i' am.. Then i found Pivot point strategy...