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U r short on ITM call....make it short on ATM call...

If ITM , then same lot of future

If ATM call short, two lot can be shorted

3. Many missed points there...

U r guessing, never guess only on OI data.... learn trend pleasee


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U r short on ITM call....make it short on ATM call...
I am confused here sir. When I shorted 10600 CE it was ATM only. Later as Market moved higher it turned into ITM. This is suppose to happen, right?
So do I need to adjust the position each EOD or wait till B.E.?
Plz guide


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Today Nifty started GAP UP but bulls couldn't lap up on the opportunity and lost to the bears right from the first tick of the day.

Daily candle have no upper wick.

Nifty was unable to cross the std pivot resistance in 1Hr TF.

So it seems that there is and will be selling pressure from upside for days to come.

10783 is a level to watch out for.

Today witnessed for the 1st time how IV etc play a role in FnO - Index remain flat but, May Future contract was -ve and CE options gained 0.30% !!!

Now only matter of worry is that Nifty clearly took a support on 5 DEMA, and pared some losses forming lower wick. Which I feel is not a good sign for short positions. :confusedd::confusedd::confusedd:



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