options strategy

  1. M

    My FnO Trading Diary - Learning, Discussion, A2As, Trades etc.

    Hi, I have decided to start studying Options in NF. I am completely new to the Options trading and know very little. I tried to gather some knowledge from internet etc. esp. about Nifty Options trading strategies, expiry day BNF trading etc. But online resources are very very scarce. At least...
  2. ananths

    NIFTY Options Ratio Spread Trading

    Hi All, Just wanted to track how ratio spread works in options. I'm considering 2:3 ratio. Strategy:- Buy 2 lots ATM call/put and sell 3 lots OTM call/put. This is basically trading the delta. Example:- Buy 2 lots 6300CE @ 103 (delta 0.39*2 = 0.78) Sell 3 lots 6500CE @ 39...
  3. escape

    Escape's Options Trading Diary - Strategy Based (Phase 1)

    !!! Om Shree Ganeshaya Namah !!! Happy Dussehra to all :) Escape's Options Trading Diary - Strategy Based (Phase 1) Objective: Using various Options Strategies to trade options, and main focus would be adjusting and handling losses, to make loosing trade into winner. Strategy: I will start...
  4. R

    Blind trading

    On the opening day of a new series, IF I BUY NIFTY 6000 CA & PA simultaneously is there a possibility of getting profit during the whole series? pls help.
  5. A

    Options Square Off

    Dear All, I am Amit Jog, recently started trading in options. I have a question on options here it goes... Can I square off my Bought Call Option position before expiry with different strike price. I do not want to enter into assignment or Exercise situation. I take a sample case here...
  6. P

    Legging Risk - Your Experience

    Hi All, I haven't seen much on this important topic of options trading, traderji.com. I suppose you know about the legging risk already, and in the web you get quite a lot of material. I am not interested in that. I would like to know from your real experience:) Because every market at all...
  7. P

    NIFTY Trends tomorrow

    Hey I am a new member here . Can any body predicts the nifty trend tomorrow ? I mean - the details calculations to be done or the forth coming signs to follow to predict the future trends for the ups and downs of the NIFTY indices .
  8. M

    Pair Trading with Nifty Options

    Dear Friends, I need help to find out software or utility to back-test Nifty options pair trading. For example, One start of fresh series, I wish to Step 1: buy Nifty Put & Call (depending upon earlier day's Nifty closing) Step 2: Define range (based upon Nifty closing) & hold on...
  9. H

    Very Simple options strategy (Need Expert Views)

    Hey Guys! Please let me know if this strategy can work out: If the level of Nifty is 4500, take following actions: 1) Buy Nifty 5000 call 2) Buy Nifty 4000 put The quantity of each option has to be the same This way, when the market goes up, my call price increases, and I can sell it...
  10. V

    nifty put options 2500

    yesterday 5-3-09 I bought 2 nifty puts 2500 strike @ rs72/- , when the market nifty was at 2582 about . My guess was that the market would break 2500, but today it is at 2620 and the rate of 2500 puts is at 44. Although I feel strongly that the market would breach 2500, but in case it further...