Separation of bank accounts and brokers for FnO trading?


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Purely from maintaining books and creating balance sheets is it advisable to separate brokers and bank accounts for options trading?

1. For example I buy bonds and long term equity. Now I want to do options trading. Can I use the same broker and show only the options trading as a business income?

2. Can I use one bank account to buy bonds and equity and a separate bank account only for transferring money to and from broker for options trading? And then show only the second bank account for initial cash, cash in hand and bank broker transfer for bank book preparation? Or will income tax dept. reject it?


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Thanks @canikhil for your reply. Do you have a paid service where you will reply to my questions? If yes do let me know the number of questions and the amount charged. I will not be able to hear on the phone clearly. It has to be by mail. Please let me know.

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