futures and options

  1. T

    Database Programmer needed on Payment Basis

    Hi I am looking for some programmer who has working experience in Microsoft SQL Server Database. I need to get some queries designed for NSE Stocks and FnO Stock Market Database. The queries are not complicated. If you have good knowledge, then you will be able to design these queries easily. I...
  2. M

    My FnO Trading Diary - Learning, Discussion, A2As, Trades etc.

    Hi, I have decided to start studying Options in NF. I am completely new to the Options trading and know very little. I tried to gather some knowledge from internet etc. esp. about Nifty Options trading strategies, expiry day BNF trading etc. But online resources are very very scarce. At least...
  3. N

    Trading Futures - Books & Videos

    I wanted to learn about trading futures and was looking for good explanation videos online and couldnt find any.Can you guys please point me in some direction on where i could find meaningful resources to learn ? Your inputs are much appreciated. Thanks
  4. I

    Need help with derivatives trading with sharekhan using TradeTiger

    I have the latest Trade Tiger Software (advanced) from sharekhan. I have been trading in equities and now I want to trade in derivatives as well. However, all the info seems a bit confusing with different versions of it. I just want to know how to trade in derivatives and how to do so using...
  5. madhavareddy1203

    Tax details: intraday trading in futures and options

    Hi guys, I worked as a sw engineer up to 2011 march in mnc company. then after i left my job and choosed trading as my career. i have paid all incom tax completely up to 2011 march. After 2011 in my trading career i lost almost 20lakhs. i took money from my friends and relatives.( without...
  6. B

    Taxation regarding F&O losses.

    Hi, I have seen this posted in many places, but haven't found any satisfactory response yet. So I'll post it here. I am a salaries individual with small capital gains as the only other taxable income. I made a loss trading in F&O in the last Financial Year. What do I gain by reporting it in...