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  1. M

    My FnO Trading Diary - Learning, Discussion, A2As, Trades etc.

    Hi, I have decided to start studying Options in NF. I am completely new to the Options trading and know very little. I tried to gather some knowledge from internet etc. esp. about Nifty Options trading strategies, expiry day BNF trading etc. But online resources are very very scarce. At least...
  2. O

    Learn about the Iron condor strategy

    I'm hosting a Free webinar on the Iron condor strategy. The Iron condor is one of the most popular strategies for several reasons. Find out the Good, Bad and Ugly of Iron condors in this free webinar. Please register for OptionTiger Markets and Trading webinar on Jun 28, 2013 10:30 AM EDT at...
  3. S

    Trading Strategies' log !!

    Watch your moves in Market Today !! (May 22, 2013) As seen, Nifty is trading range bound since morning. It is trading between its intraday resistance of 6145 & support of 6103 levels. If it manages to break 6145 level & sustain above this level, then a rally might be seen till 6180 & Nifty...
  4. Cubt

    15% Guaranteed Returns - Buy both Call & Put options Strategy

    Hi, I have back tested this strategy & it worked perfectly. I have been trying out this strategy for couple of weeks. Its been giving consistent returns of around 15 to 20%, but am curious to know if any of the members have already tried this. Strategy: Investment needed: Rs.10,000...
  5. D


    Hi ! This is Arora here, and very interested in the Options trade. To learn the ropes, I had given my password to a guy named Kulkarni, who is a sub-broker with Angel Broking, alongwith a lakh of rupees to manage my account, and then simply followed his trade and strategies. Although I...
  6. M

    Need a software/utility to backtest options strategy

    Hello Friends, I need simple utility to backtest few options strategies... could you please explain how you use options oracle and datacenter for backtesting? I have historical options data available for about 10 years (Nifty) and it would be great if I can upload this data and start...
  7. aravinthrajm

    Nifty options strategies

    Hi traders, I will be posting the daily performance of Nifty Options strategies recommended. Whatever the calls I give will be posted only after market hours as paid subscribers will get the priority. Watch out for the updates at http:xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx