luck based trading

It is necessary to distinguish between the moment that the work on Forex and your efforts are assumed and just luck, this was immediately recommended to me by the managers of the broker Amarkets.
Never rely on luck. I believe that luck only works if you are also doing something into that direction. Sitting and thinking that SL will hit and you can make profits will be the only mistake you will make. Try to analyse and then shoot for best trade and rest leave on the market.
your luck will soon run out (i wonder even its favoring you in trading) and also your capital in trading as trading is not a luck based thing.
you need knowledge first and importantly execution of that knowledge. be it fundamental or technical. there is no other way to make money in trading. certainly not luck

Hello sir,

I always earn profit in intra day overall. I buy only one or two shares almost in all the nifty fifty company and earn good. If any share does not give profit then I hold it and that share gives profit in next one two three weeks time.
When I started my forex trading and chose the broker Amarkets, and after talking with the managers who helped me navigate in this area, I realized that you should not rely on luck, the most important thing is a good calculation.

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