luck based trading

The world of trading is not a neat and rational place where the future can be foreseen and certain actions always result in specific outcomes. But a trader with knowledge and trading skills are more likely to anticipate the market correctly than those making random guesses.
Define "luck". If you are gambling and doing nothing to increase your chances then by luck based trading you mean losing trading. But trading by its very nature is probabilistic. There are no certainties in trading.
There are traders who choose to trade with luck, but in doing so, they lose because they have to. Trading with luck can work once, twice, or even thrice, but it doesn’t always work, and depending on luck instead of one’s efforts sounds ridiculous to me.
Luck is by chance but through hard work, you will be able to understand the market and make the right choices for your plan. It is not easy but to trade efficiently, patience and determination play key roles as skills. Decisions can’t be made based on luck but analysing and strategising. Utilising your own knowledge is what will take you forward in this market.
You cannot base decisions on luck. It takes a lot of knowledge and experience to make the right choices. You need to focus on building an understanding on market sentiment and psychology if you wish to make profit in the long run.
Luck-based trading is risky and should not be considered while trading stocks. Luck is for gamblers; real stock traders do not involve luck in their success equation. The best way to trade stocks is through discipline, consistency, and hard work, where luck does not play any role.

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