luck based trading


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your luck will soon run out (i wonder even its favoring you in trading) and also your capital in trading as trading is not a luck based thing.
you need knowledge first and importantly execution of that knowledge. be it fundamental or technical. there is no other way to make money in trading. certainly not luck


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don't spend too much..
give a pause..
limit daily loss to 1% of your capital(most important)
learn options trading
don't trade with more than 1 lot till 6 months...
give full undisturbed time to market and keep learning..
don't get exited..
every trade is independent...

these are my learnings...


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entered 31kce bnf @127. let see my luck .
thx for memeber commented. i don't have technical knowledge. i think i cant able to understand too.
bhai..aise he mat ghus jao....learn..then upto of luck..

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