luck based trading

I don’t think I can ever leave my trades to luck. That would become gambling. I believe in using my knowledge to pick good stocks for trading rather than waiting for the luck to play out in my favour.
Luck won't lead to longevity in any form of trading. It's the same as having a business plan based purely on luck. You might get away with it for a while but then variance will come around and kill you off. This is a probability and therefore a maths business. No room for luck for long term winners.
I think luck will not be a long-term friend of yours. Only your education, skills, and experience will remain with you in the world of trading. If you depend on luck, you will not be able to stay in the game.
You can’t base your decisions on luck. Hard work and applying risk and money management is what will help you earn good profit in the future of your journey. You need to maintain a certain level of constant trial and error to make a lump sum.
Trading success is mostly based on solid data. Studying charts give us insight into the market, for example. Some people may think that luck plays a role and maybe it's true that some of us get lucky, but it takes knowledge and skill. You may get lucky once or twice but it isn't going to make you into a solid trader.
Luck based trading is not trading. It is gambling. No matter how easy trading seems to you, you must always analyse the market properly so that you are not doing something that you shouldn’t.
When it’s trading, there is no room for luck. It’s completely and solely your trading efforts that bear the fruit. Keep learning and developing new trading skills to stay in the market for long.

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