luck based trading

without compulsion and commitment the trade will gets better .. means we should not have any compulsion to make this much amt/percentage today itself though we have compelling demands .. trade should be done free of these huddles.. only mkt may affect our trade not our problems
Couldn’t agree more. People just keep on trading to achiever their ‘so-called’ trading targets, which leads them nowhere but to losses. Its better that one stays rational while trading, as you said, there shouldn’t be any compulsions while trading.
You can see that you're tired, you need to give yourself time and not think about missing out on something. The market was, is and will be, you can find a way to make money anytime, so just calm down and don't worry about anything.
I feel like you just haven't found your strategy yet and you're just at a crossroads. You need to test something of the usual classics, it will give you the foundation to develop further and find something that suits you best. Don't think you're the only one, each of us is facing enormous challenges. Don't give up!
I have never relied and do not rely on either intuition or luck when trading in Forex. It happens lucky, it happens - no luck
That's the best one can do. Should always trade with least expectation, but rational decisions. Strategies and plans should be in place, then be it forex or stocks.

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