KP's Springideas on Stock option trades..Must end month in some profits.


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Stock specific Nothing has moved in last 1 hour. But NIFTY Does gone up.

Looks like May be for take it high and dump it. but not sure.. will havw to wait and see..
Was bit busy. Not played much . Looks market has become very volatile and played by FII&DII

Not traded much. Today i booked in tata motors 300 put at 12 . Entered on 7th march with the stop 3.75

Stats :-

Tata Motors :- 12(exit)-8(Entry)=4*2000= 7915
after Brokerage.

NIFTY 5800 PE :- 52.125(entry)- 28(exit-Stop Loss Hit)= 200*-24.125= -4845
after Brokerage.

Net Capital as of today :- 81899+7915-4845= 84889
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was busy with the office work.
Also,Market had become very volatile and highly manipulated by operators last week. Playing in stock options i felt risky so just stayed away from market
and political uncertainty.

with in a minutes 50 points dips&ups in nifty. you will enjoy if you are in right side but if you are opp direction you will lose money easily.