1. K

    Place to find all the Research Reports on Daily Basis

    Hello, I am looking for a portal from where i can get all the Research Reports posted by the Brokerage Houses and by SEBI registered intermediaries. If anyone have knowledge about this please share. Regards, Kanak
  2. S

    Nifty Trading Academy

    Hi All, Does anyone know about Nifty Trading Academy Technical Analysis courses? Please share the details.
  3. T


    Hello everyone, I recently left my job due to relocation to a different city(my husband's transfer):lol: i have worked as arbitrager for almost 3 years, prior to that a failed attempt on trading with a complete wipe out of the account; than found a job, its almost 5 years back. now i want to...
  4. V

    Ad calls

    Hi All, How to get rid of "Sir, Aap stock market ya commodities pe trade karte ho?". I am pissed off such calls. Daily two calls I receive. I have registered in DND and complained to Airtel on several such calls. But still every other day some new tips giving companies keeps calling me. Please...
  5. N

    KP's Springideas on Stock option trades..Must end month in some profits.

    Hi Folks , I am starting this thread to track my ideas in Stock option.. Mostly INTRADAY.. Sometimes positional(max 2-4 days holdings). If any one interested please keep an eye on this thread. I don't promise/misguide something like with Bumper returns or 100% accuracy ... ..whatever i post...
  6. P

    Profit by trade

    Hello friends! I have joined this forum to exchange views and learn how to earn from the so called unpredictable market and mainly how not to loose. I want to learn from you all and I also commit to make everybody known any good hint, tip, idea, strategy, caution etc. that I know and feel...
  7. S

    Hello Respected Trader Guruji's !

    I am Sai and I am a newbie trader! Luckily I came across this site when googling about sensex stuff.... I am reading up day-trading material and books... but most of them are written for NASDAQ and NYSE... etc. Am still looking for material on SENSEX .... I hope someone can post some helpful...
  8. madhavareddy1203

    Madhav Magic

    Hi Guys, Here I will give Nifty option tips from tomorrow. Rules: Trade with 20 Lots. Stick to targets and SL. Plz trade in mention strike price. Sample call: buy 5000 ce@100 SL: 80 Target: 110-120-130 1. Book 10 lots @110. 5 lots @ 120 . book remaining 5 lots @130. 2...
  9. S

    Hot Stock Tips

    Hi friends, I am starting a new thread through which I will communicate hot stock tips for traders, you can weigh them initially by treading them on paper... if you find them worth actual trading use them and get benefited.. Regards
  10. K

    Is providing tips illegal in India?

    Is providing buy/sell tips on website or sms or using auto buy/sell signal software is illegal in India? Recently one of my friend told me that there has been a cases where such providers are forced to shut their stop.. I'm not sure.. Is there any one of you aware of such thing?
  11. Debarghya Mukherjee

    Intraday and Positional Calls

    My dear friends, I am starting a new thread today. Here I am going to post intraday and positional calls. Currently I am working with a new system as I said in my thread, before I post my full system I am posting my calls here. Once it goes smooth, I will post the system. I wish all of you...
  12. M

    Let's Discuss Tips Provider Service Frauds Here.

    There are many TIPS PROVIDER SERVICES, and it becomes quite difficult to choose one of them from the lot available in the market. General procedure adopted when searching for a true provider is to check for their past performance. But when the past performance also turns out to be a fake. Then...
  13. H tips-Big Cheaters

    I was searching for good tips provider from last one year, tried couple of them, none of them were impressive. Since i have full-time job, don't have much time to look into chart and monitor the trade, so i came across bogus website I got very much...
  14. I

    Swing Trade tips with 98% accuracy!!!

    Hello Traders, After a long struggle in thiis market, i have finally coded a good way to make money through swing trading. It took me around 2 years to achieve a success ratio of around 98%. I know what i have achieved in somewhat impossible for even experianced traders. And for many who...
  15. S

    Best brokerage house for trading tips

    Hi All, I am new to stock trading. Hence I heavily depend on the tips provided by my broker. Presently I am with ICICI Direct. Their research facility seems to be pretty good. Most of their recommendations reach targets. But the problem with them is very high brokerage. I am searching for...
  16. Tradejack

    Trading on Tips?

    Hi to all,this is hemant khatri.I have started the thread to ask all the traders those who trade on trading tips provided by t.v. Channels (viz. Cnbc awaaz,zee business,ndtv profit,.)& millions of websites and their question is- Are the tips really works?if u have any opinion...
  17. sdalal

    AHLU CON: Ready to breakout

    AHLU CONS: Listed on both NSE BSE. The stock has created double bottom at 192-93 level. Currently it is trading near to is falling trendline. With oscillators in oversold zone . i think the possible breakout may be seen in coming days.major hurdle will 50EMA which is around 208-209. if it...
  18. sdalal

    BANCO PROD: A perfect chart for trade

  19. sdalal

    NMDC- Consolidating

    NMDC: After touching Nov low in march end,the stock is consolidating and is making situation to move up in coming days. see the chart.
  20. sdalal

    Sterlite: Narrow range

    On friday the script taken a good support from the rising trendline. But there is one more trendline which is coming down. Coming days the stock will move in this range,once break below will see panic or above will see earlier highs.