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    HI, I'm new to trading and have been actively trading for about a month. I'm thinking of purchasing the spider IRIS+. Anyone has any experience with it.Also do you guys feel its worth it. I live in a city where they dont have an office so would that be a problem as I've read that the softwares...
  2. S

    According to a new research its impossible for an individual to day trade for a living

    I recently came across this research paper Day Trading for a Living? by Chague et al. They carried out their study in brazilian stock market. From the Paper The paper's conclusion was that it is highly unlikely an individual be profitable if they day trade for a living. Those individuals who...
  3. S

    STT-Squp charges in Upstox

    - Who charges STT-squp charges ? Is it the broker or exchange ? - How can I calculate STT-squp Charges ? Any documents or link for the same would be great
  4. R

    How to choose stock for buy or short position during opening hours in day trading?

    What makes traders to decide to take long or short position in opening hours. Every stock will not be in news at the same time. Please share your opinions
  5. D

    How below intra-day transaction works?

    Brought 1 unit (1 Aug) -> 100 Rs Sold 1 unit (1 September) -> 150 Rs Buy 1 unit ( 1 September) - > 200 Rs Sold 1 unit ( 1 September) - > 200 Rs Am I making 100 Rs Profit at end of the day?
  6. P

    How to filter stocks for intraday from End of day data

    Hi, How to select stocks for intraday from End of day data. Please let me know if anyone is doing that? Regards, Paresh
  7. P

    Crude oil trading using GANN square

    I will update Crude oil trading based on GANN square of 9 strategy daily. Please update your suggestions and feedback if any.
  8. K

    Stock picking for intranet in previous day night

    how to pick stock for next day’s trade in previous day evening/night??
  9. kingsmasher1

    Intraday: Should we average our loses making them to profits or square it off?

    After a colorful flying start to my trading career for last 5 months, it made an unfortunate pause yesterday, which can take nearly years to revive :( (see here: Illness may be one of the...
  10. M

    What kind of system trades works in intra day stock trading?

    I am a systemic trader that is I have programmed rules of entry and exit. I want to know what kind of strategies work in intra day trading. I would avoid candle stick pattern trading because its more of a subjective field. I also found out that moving average crossover strategies never works in...
  11. O

    buying options historical data from globaldatafeeds

    Hi All, I am planning to buy 2-3 years options intraday historical IEOD data from global datafeeds. if anyone is ready to share the cost or if someone knows a cheaper source let me know.
  12. B

    Is NRI allowed to involve in intraday in F&O segment?

    Dear All, I am new to Traderji.I just joined today only.I have already invested in Indian Stocks; sometimes involve in Intraday traading as well. I have demat/trading account with both ICICI driect and Zerodha.It seems that I may travel to Australia for a long term(probably a year) after a...
  13. N

    KP's Springideas on Stock option trades..Must end month in some profits.

    Hi Folks , I am starting this thread to track my ideas in Stock option.. Mostly INTRADAY.. Sometimes positional(max 2-4 days holdings). If any one interested please keep an eye on this thread. I don't promise/misguide something like with Bumper returns or 100% accuracy ... ..whatever i post...
  14. X

    Could not square long position

    Hello everyone. I am new to trading as well as to this forum. I have a query. I bought some shares of a company in NSE(intra day) but couldn't sell them at the end of the day because of lack of buyers. Can you please explain to me what happens now? I would be very grateful to any one...
  15. A

    Nifty 2 Points - How to trade

    Hello , I am interested in going ahead with scalping. Am interested in only 2 points in NIFTY (one trade per day) (ie 1 point in the nifty option) using Zerodha for big number of lots (200 - 300). Would like to get some guidance from the experienced members. 1. Is it worthwhile to...
  16. J

    My Intra Day Copper Trading Technique

    Hi, First of all let me tell you I am not an expert in technical analysis. I am still learning from many gurus here. I am going to explain here an intra day system to trade with copper. So far it is giving me very good results. Thats why i thought to post the system here, so that small...
  17. Y

    Regarding Brokerage..

    Hi all, I am new investor in stock market.I have trading account in sharekhan.I have one question. When i do the intraday trading,Sharekhan cut brokerage sometimes .03% and Sometimes 0.04-0.05%.But when i filled the form of sharekhan they agree to for intraday at 0.03 % and .30% for...
  18. A

    Income tax calculations

    Every year i have this particular problem with my income tax returns I deal in share transactions on a day to day basis i do intra day trades, delivery trades and futures and options i get contract notes daily from my broker how to maintain a excel sheet of all the data pertaining to...
  19. P

    Can NRI's do online intraday trading in India? If so, through which broker?

    Hi Guys, Am finding that most online brokers allow only delivery trade or investment options for NRI's. Is it against regulation for NRI's to trade online thru Intra day? If its possible, pls suggest which brokers are the ones offering this? On same note, if i use my non NRI account...
  20. G

    How much total brokerage do you guys pay

    In intraday... I mean total brokerage in Rs. for eg today i paid Rs. 2000 in brokerage after a profit of Rs.9,500, what abt you guys? Whats your daily trading volume? I do through hdc sec , and pay .1% for intraday trades, What abt you guys? Thanks