KP's Springideas on Stock option trades..Must end month in some profits.


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Hi Folks ,

I am starting this thread to track my ideas in Stock option.. Mostly INTRADAY.. Sometimes positional(max 2-4 days holdings). If any one interested please keep an eye on this thread.

I don't promise/misguide something like with Bumper returns or 100% accuracy ... ..whatever i post here i trade.. Let the time/track decide about my accuracy..

Stock Options :-
Starting from 4th-Mar-2012.

Only One entry for the given day in option@stock sometimes nifty. Max 2 open positions . I play with strict stop loss. But sometimes i may exit early if i feel it's risky call.

STARTING with Capital of 75k.

I Willn't post any charts or explanations etc. The reason being to start this thread is Just want to maintain my TRUE Track.. If someone wants to follow its their wish .. No force!!

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current PE at 68 high of 70... can one enter at this point...??



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INFY sustaining below 2885 in cash should take infy to 2850-25 points very easily. its my view. I will update here if i take possition @ overnight.


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I am exiting INFY PE call today it self. Please do not carry for tmrw. In case of Gap up it willnot give chance to exit as per our stop.

Bad luck in first call.