Journey of an Intraday NIFTY Trader with 5 Lakh Initial Capital - REAL TRADES


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Hello all,

I started my journey as a full time trader since 2009 and have learnt a lot from the interactions from the traderji members. So now I plan to start this thread, more like an online journal with real executed trades. This thread will focus primarily on risk and money management along with trading psychology. I intend to learn from all of your inputs regarding this matter so that we all can improve on growing our trading a/c size.

So I will be starting with a capital of 5 Lakh to test out one of my intraday trading strategy and see how things go from here. I will not discuss about the strategy in this thread as it will dilute the main purpose of the thread that is money management and growing the trading account. Once I see that the strategy is working, that is the capital grows to a good level and if traderji members are interested in learning then I shall start a new thread for it. The basic premise of the strategy is price action based trading, and there are already many contents in this forum. I can assure all the members one thing after being in the markets for about 15 years now (10 years full time), risk management and psychology are the key parameters to succeed.

The primary aim of the thread is to show how can capital be compounded using simple trading strategy with proper risk management using real trades. Handling emotions and stress during loss making period will be the key for the growth.

I will need the support of all the traderji members to provide with their thoughts so that we all can learn and I can correct my mistakes during the journey. As the title of the thread goes, it is a journey so there is no destination as yet. But definitely when we achieve some milestones during the journey we will definitely relish and celebrate and reflect on the leanings.

This is an account for only trading INTRADAY NIFTY FUTURES with aggressive money management. I will post screenshot of the trade book everyday and will update the capital by adding the P/L for the day.
Starting capital 5 Lakh, date 11.10.2019

Link to the spreadsheet which will be updated daily if there is any trades taken.
Intraday trading with 5 Lakh Initial Capital

I borrow the lyrics from the famous song by one of my famous bands Led Zeppelin - and wish to visualize this journey as a "Stairway to heaven". One thing I am very much aware of is that, irrespective of the outcome it is going to be one roller coaster ride.

I hope this thread adds value to your trading journey.
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@moneymanager1980 Just to remove any kind of confusion this 5 L account is an account in which I would like to be aggressive with risk and is not my main account. The focus of this account will only be on NIFTY INTRADAY trading in this account. I also trade swing stock futures, nifty futures, delivery based trading etc. but I think that should be left beyond the discussion.

@Happy_Singh Thanks for your wishes, yes this the primary aim to be consistent and see how things go. The only target that I have is to manage risk and stick to it.


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Also I would like say that any discussion in trading psychology is highly welcome and I really look forward to share and learn from you all. It is the mental toughness that is needed to survive in this game when one is having a draw down phase. And who ever has been into the markets for long enough they will vouch that no trader can avoid the phase of draw down. How one handles it is going to make the difference.

In fact I really look forward professional traders of this forum to share their thoughts and insights.
My best wishes for your success...



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Good Luck brother..

Since you said the primary focus of this thread is risk and money management and making capital grow using aggressive compounding, please include a column "Stop Loss" level in that journal, so that the risk associated with each trade can be known.


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