My journey of trading -- Traders should know that investing/trading is filled with ocean full of opportunites

sorry lost access to old id(maheswara.rd) .. please note this is my new id... lost my access as i was using my singapore sim, and back to india for ever. so... i lost my email id recovery as i forgot my password...
its been 10yrs of my journey in market of which let me divide into trading and investing here.
Investing is something which u hold for atleast 2yrs+ according to me
trading is something where u do intraday or based on techcharts max upto 2yrs .
for me right from Day 1 i have never been a looser in investments always won it. all u need to have here is select only top 100 companies and invest on it... my first was Satyam comp , the day it fell yes i invested i still remember buying it at 8-9rs . selling it at 50rs in just 1 month. there after tatamotors and then hexaware list goes on... i never made any loss in it... till data never.
lets focus on Trading.
been a 8yrs looser in it.. yes it took 8yrs loosing to change to be a successful trader , of which i took a break of 3-4yrs... ( as i left abroad )
trading and investments are two different things , Trading is like a T20 match and investment is like innings match, u need to have a different approach for took hell time for me to learn that. i was doing alike in both. eg if i make 10lacs in investment in 1yr i used to loose same in 5months here.... that too in steps...
i took a serious step in working out whats wrong with my trading , ull be shocked to know i tested 100,s or indicators , played with them , used them to core , studied them indepth, thx to my early childhood i was always a 100% scorer in my maths weather in college or school .i never missed even 1 mark i was good at it... i even never bothers to have choose the options i used to write whole paper like anything...
im a expert in maths in fact i love it... here i worked so hard with all indicators, i have done my own coding created new as per market... still loose money in trading ...
Reasons of my loss is not RR it was Overtrading and i was not able to digest if i go with 1 loss . it was tough was me, i was moving a success rate of 85% when i backtest it...and still into losses no way ??? what more shall i do . i worked more hard... finally nothing .. In fact even contacted market minervini , after n number of emails he replied me suggested me still im a looser, what to do?? am i understanding market differnt way? i know market will fall to this lvl but not sure which day will it move... this was my way. i even lost money in most trending days...
Finally stopped trading and starting working on other way applying physics , psychology, common sense etc... things changed little but still a looser...
now made a market anatomy , just like human anatomy in physics, market has 3 kinds of moves trending / sideways / volatile , now back tested where i lost money . yes results are different , everything works in trending market (buying or selling on oneside.) , sideways nothing works(hedging workshere) , volatile its half working (roller coster ride for hedging u need to adjust positions here or be a buyer be quick to exit) .
my job is now to identify which is what day. i should have a preanalysis of each should be able to find out which day could happen. yes again all about probability, finding odds against..
i starting working how mind reacts with profit or losses , trading psychology , operators thinking.. etc.. ill get into details in later session..
finally what ever i lost in 1yr , i made it in 2months. its just a move... let market decide what to do... weather to give or take... though i would say my success rate has fallen down... still
Lets talk about my live example for 1 month if i take 50 trades of which
i loose 10-11 trades
and exit at cost 15 trades ( ie at cost)
rest 25-29 trades i make a blast...
journey is still going once i make my first 1cr i would share it , many things to share indetails , yes let me give u an example why do u use DMI for?? its for market movement ?? right people use it for same i used it to check trendreversal , in other way like u think trend changes when there is cross from +dmi to -dmi right?? for me there is a reversal when it expands much, it will again contract. ill surely share such kind. in details with examples of chart.. yes at last i only focus on price action followed by indicators.. its like in simple terms , Rail engine followed by compartments...price action is trend decider, indicators are followers im sure ill share u more knowledge in this regard.

Note : market is ocean full of opportunities how u use them is upto u, u can create a empire in it.. for sure... only thing u need is a proper way of approach.
ill expore how this opportunities knock u in each following way
1)Options : buying /selling /hedging.
2)Equity - 1month to 2yrs holding.
3)equity : 2yrs+ investment
4)acquiring small companies becoming a share holder and attending company meetings..
5)bonds investment.
all this will give u earning while u sleep . except 1st .one..

We are traders yes much much capable of doing then others , traders mind is most brilliant then any one working in other fields. , its more then a air trafiic controller.
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please like it, lets share the knowledge , u can comment anything u like neg or positive , i would surely address it. do remember that any help from me im always there.... please note if ur newbie i cant teach u from scrach, u need to learn urself... atleast 2yrs+ exp then im ready to help u ups and downs im sure u might have seen. i can help u guys( day traders only)
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