Is Advanced GET really worth it !!

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I vouch for it that Adget Real Time is the best software in this world. Nothing can beat it.It is worth all the money you spend on it.It does not cost 2.5 Lacs. This amount includes the first year subscription as well.

It gives buy sell signals with which even our grandmother can trade.

Viratech is the official vendor in India and I have been using their services for last 8 years. They are the best...Remember alwyas in life.....Good Good things no Cheap .....Cheap Cheap things no GOOD.

Do let me know if you need any help.I suggest you call me and i can xplain the benefits of the more detail....


i defer good things r not cheap and vice versa. suppose in net u r using yahoo msg free and it is the one of the best software for comunication. u r using this forum for free------
my request any one uses the ADVNCES GET SOFTWARE for trading plz send the commment
Do you want this software bad?

Esignal provides decent charting apps. look for livecharts. Advanced GET uses propeitery tools for trading and no one has a track record of showing that they are any good.

You should be able to trade with piece of paper , why do you need a sophisticated piece of crap like advanced GET.

Anyways, its your money. Do as you wish...
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