1. T

    NSE / BSE - EOD data for Metastock NEEDED

    Hi All, I am looking for EOD data for BOTH NSE / BSE which is upto date. If anyone is kind enough to share it that would be highly appreciated. I focus on small caps and mid-caps so I am looking for maximum no. of securities in the database. The data already available in the forum seems to be...
  2. T

    RMO Breakout explorer

    Hello friends, Can you please help me creating an explorer in metastock which finds me stocks where the RMO oscillator have just crossed from below zero to above zero. I have tried it using Cross(Fml("Rahul Mohindar Osc (RMO)"),0) in filter tab - but it doesn't seem to be giving me correct...
  3. R

    Best Sell Trigger...

    Dear Fellow Traders, I am a Metastock user. I currently use Sell Trigger... When... Today's Close is Lower Than The 9 Day Exponential Moving Average. Can any samaritan here willing to share any other Sell Signal that is better than this. If possible we all could to...
  4. D

    Urgent help needed in ploting Date in Metastock Exploration

    Hello everybody I am Deepak and would seek your help in creating an exploration indicator which tells the Low or High date in mm-dd-yyy format. For eg if I run an exploration of 20 stocks I would want to know in the given year say 2015 which day-month-year did it make its 52 wk low. I want...
  5. biggles

    help in csv to metastock

    hi folks, need urgent help in converting csv to metastock. the metastock downloader just lets out a groan and gives a message about there being too many errors. My data is in this format as csv file <ticker> <date> <open> <high> <low> <close> <vol> <o/i> ACC 20141204 1256.95 1259.45...
  6. V

    Advance Get Meta Stock

    Hi Everyone, I have joined the forum and looking to get great advise regarding trading in equity future and option and Index. I am a Day Trader I have been actively trading for last one year, but have not made any profitable trade. How I came to this forum? I was looking for Technical...
  7. V

    Metastock add-ons and Amibroker

    Dear all Im in process of selecting my charting tool/trading system. I see lot of metastock add-ons available on their site (for additional cost) is it possible to get such add-ons on amibroker or metatrader etc? Is there a popular trading sytem vendor for amibroker
  8. S

    Multiple time frame system

    Hi everybody, I have been using metastock for my analysis and the experience has been extremely gratifying. However, lately I have been grappling with one problem with respect to coding out my system. My system basically works on multiple time frames. Lets assume this basic set up...
  9. Nehal_s143

    Wilder's smoothing afl

    Hi When using wilder's in Amibroker I am getting different value then Metastock hence want to know the calculation of wilder smoothing used in Metastock seniors please help to write afl Metastock Wilder's smoothing Regards
  10. Nehal_s143

    Wilder's smoothing

    Hi Request to all, please explain how Metastock calculates wilder's smoothing? When using wilder's in Amibroker I am getting different value then Metastock hence want to know the calculation of wilder smoothing used in Metastock Regards
  11. S

    RMO- ATM counter trend indicator

    I use the RMO plugin and use the ATM counter trend indicator for some of the high beta stocks for day trading.. I feel dumb in using something without knowing what is its construction. Seniors, will anybody know what is this based on so that I get an idea of how the prices may move based on...
  12. J

    Can someone help me to convert from Metastock to Amibroker

    Hi, Can someone help me to convert from Metastock to Amibroker? This is a Supertrend, I found here in this Forum some similar translations, but they aren't the same. I tried and compared a lot of them. Factor:=Input("Factor",1.00,10.00,3.00); Pd:=Input("ATR Periods",1,100,10)...
  13. M

    Metastock - Merge Intraday with EOD?

    I saw that DataDownloader software offers options to download EOD and Google intraday data. Has anyone successfully merged Google Intraday with EOD data in one Symbol so that viewing different times frames (1min, 5 min, Hourly, Daily) in chart becomes convenient?
  14. P

    MCX Data Month1 to Month12

    Hi, I have recently subscribed to paid EOD data for Metastock. I have subscribed to MCX, NCDEX, BSE, NSE. My question is for MCX i see folders Month1 to Month12. Can someone explain what Month1 is and what Month12 is. Also for my technical analysis should I always use Month1 ? Thanks...
  15. D

    Metastock Explorer and Indicator

    Hi guys, I am new to metastock and I am trying the explorer feature. What I don't understand is why is it that the indicator (rsi using daily closing prices with a period of 14 days) and the explorer with colA as RSI with a formula of RSI(C,14) (periodicity = daily) have different results...
  16. avid1511

    charting software for linux?

    Hi, I recently switched to linux and was wondering if there is any neat charting and analysis software available for linux preferably open source?? Thnx AviD
  17. A

    Advantage System

    Hi, Is there anyone know metastock trading system named "Advantage system"? It looks good for many Asian markets. Please share any information or idea of this formula. Thanks
  18. apdd2003

    Metastock day trading help needed

    hi I am new to metastock, I am using truedataindia RT(trial) with metastock 11 with macd buy and sell signals. how can i make MS plot one min bars or candle sticks instead of ticks as it is generating buy and sell signals every few seconds. and that too with stock value not changing much...
  19. S

    Good Morning

    Hi All, A very good morning to all of you..!! Just joined this group...totally new to this and loads of learning to come... actually I am searching for downloader.exe for metastock which was accidentally removed by my anti-virus. Does any one have downloader.exe which I can copy over and...
  20. M

    What is difference between Metastock and metastock pro

    Hello, I am a newbie to stock market. Please let me know difference between metastock and metastock pro.