Is Advanced GET really worth it !!

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Why Advanced Get? Because it has propriertary indicators right? Even with those indictors there is no guarentee that you'd make money at the end of the day. I'd say work on a decent charting software and data feed and experience will teach you to build your own trading system. Believe me no matter how much you study, practice and no matter how costly is your charting system, you will loose money. Its only the experience and trading aptitude that one gains over time which helps you to succeed in long run. Do not invest this much money straightaway.
My experience with eisgnal was good though. No doubt their software is good and the real time charts are absolutely great. Maybe you can start with esignal, test it for few months. After all the software is same its just few indicators that are enabled in advanced get.

Is Advanced Get used onlyfor buy sell signals or do you guys use for buying and selling on the charts itself (trading from the charts).I mean like one could do in Ninja Trader for the US and other markets.No one is providing chart trading for nse or mcx and that is what Iam looking for.
Hi Every body!!

I am a Day Trader like many of you out there. I have been trading since the last 8-9 years with several hits and misses to my account.

I was never able to understand the term "Technical Indicators" of the market and subsequently was not able to bank on it as a trading strategy.

But, lately have been quite inquisitive about understanding and using "Charting Softwares" to trade in the market. I have skimmed some information on the various software available in the market like MetaStock, AmbiBroker and Absolute GET.

Talking about Absolute GET: This charting software from eSignal is one of the most expensive product available in the market.

My queries are:

1. Is spending around 2.5 L for this software worth it? Does it have an edge over the subsitutes available in the market.
2. Does it produce Buy/Sell signals or we have to study the charts to derive these levels?
3. Is it easy to use for people with less analytical/ technical skills?
4. Is Viratech the only vendor for this package in India? If others, which is the cheapest one?
5. Does it have a recurring monthly cost like data feed etc or is it built into the package price?

Friends, I know, I have asked too many questions as am too confused to decide which package to go for. I really want to brush up my trading skills with help from these "Charting Software".

Any feedback from experinced players will help!!

Thanks and Happy Trading :)

G Kohli
Hi Kohli

Let me explain your querries becoz i m the real user of adv get from viratech.

1. Even i agree that 2.5 lacs is not worth but 2 lacs is fine according to me. It is definately better option than any other available in market.

2. It will not give you buy sell signals, they have certain rules, for example if the candle closes above or below certain levels or some marks then you have to execute trades.

3. Its easy to use if you dont know anything about technicals.

4. Viratech is only one in India.

5. It has monthly recurring cost for data feed.

Right now i have adv get 11.0 version , and wanted to sell. Please email me with subject line as "Advanced Get" to [email protected].

Thank you
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