How to use 4G Internet for Trading

Am using Airtel 4G hotspot on my phone for trading on my laptop. Works fine. Jio doesn't work too good in Delhi but worked well without a break in Surat. Even bought Airtel 399 for 1GB 4G/56 days.
But Jio Fi (device) is working good for me. No frequent disconnection. Once in 3-4 days is tolerable.
What is ur jio 4g hotspot? From jio or another manufacturer.

Want to buy a tested hotspot for jio..I trade crude also, so 10-12 hr working...Is that too hot for a hotspot?
Anyone can share online buy fliplart or link..
I am using Jio Fi using device from Jio, working fine for last more than 3 months.

Battery backup is also good, works about 9-10 hours without any charging.

Visit any Reliance Digital showroom. IMO, do not buy from other sources or online.


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i dont recommend depending on 3g or can use for backup.
disconnection problem is more in mobile network.every mobile network has some disconecting policy (internal) fixed time, more traffic.or somthingelse
any wire line or any isp provider because they dont have lines problem .
if power failure they stop internet service only phones will work.
ujff dont say that i use cable broadband of siti. even aircel 3g is better than that

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