need to know from whom to take Demat account and do internet based trading

Hi all,

I am totally new to the Share market and would like to be a small volume investor (and at times trader but most investor). Just got a job so don't have much Capital upfront but would like to invest 5k - 10k per month on a diverse portfolio.

The problem here is I can't seem to be zeroed on the right broker house. My conditions will be-
1. I don't want to run around for transactional delays and errors.
2. I will be dealing in small volumes of different stocks and of relatively less money, lets say not more than 10k per month (atleast for now). Does the brokerage matter? If it does, of course I would want a less fee
3. I don't want to give any commitments on volume or brokerage.
4. Does the speed, and online live stream quotes matter to me as the portfolio mentioned above. I might do intraday trading as well.

I don't want the best broker for all, I want the right broker for me. Please help, as I am new and coming here with much hope.

p.s. I have found many threads here with the comparisons and reviews, but they ll are pretty old, some date back to 2005. So I would be extremely grateful if someone can give me an updated comparison, as the infrastructure and fee must've changed for good or bad now.

Waiting very eagerly,
Prasanna Kumar

In my opinion, you may opt for Please note, Sharekhan is also best broking house. But since their brokerage is comparatively higher, you can go to Zerodha. Service is excellent with both broking houses. Software is concerned, my preference goes with SSKI for equity and for options you can go with Zerodha as their brokerage is negligble.

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