Internet Based Trading facilities: NSDL Speed-e and CDSL easiEST


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Depository Participants Offering SPEED-e Service

Sr. No DP Name DP ID Place
1 Abhipra Capital Limited IN300206 New Delhi
2 Adroit Financial Services Private Limited IN302822 New Delhi
3 Alankit Assignments Limited IN300118 New Delhi
4 Alankit Assignments Limited IN301160 Jaipur
5 Alankit Assignments Limited IN301186 Bareilly
6 Anagram Stockbroking Limited IN302201 Ahmedabad
7 Apollo Sindhoori Capital Investments Limited IN301696 Chennai
8 ASE Capital Markets Limited IN302461 Ahmedabad
9 Axis Bank Limited IN300484 Mumbai
10 Bajaj Capital Investor Services Ltd. IN303237 New Delhi
11 Bharat Bhushan Equity Traders Limited IN301209 New Delhi
12 Bhargava Lodha Stock Brokers Private Limited IN303606 Mumbai
13 BOI Shareholding Limited IN001019 Mumbai
14 Bonanza Portfolio Limited IN301477 Mumbai
15 Bonanza Portfolio Limited IN301688 New Delhi
16 Bonanza Portfolio Limited IN302767 Moradabad
17 Canara Bank IN301356 Bangalore
18 Centurion Bank of Punjab Ltd. IN300601 Mumbai
19 CFS Financial Services Private Limited IN301918 New Delhi
20 Composite Securities Limited IN302113 New Delhi
21 Dalmia Securities Private Limited IN300222 Kolkata
22 Dayco Securities Private Ltd. IN300263 Kolkata
23 DBS Cholamandalam Securities Limited IN300572 Chennai
24 DSN Securities Limited IN301292 New Delhi
25 DSP Merrill Lynch Ltd. IN302638 Mumbai
26 Dynamic Equities Private Limited IN302017 Kolkata
27 East India Securities Limited IN300327 Kolkata
28 Eastern Financiers Ltd. IN303181 Kolkata
29 Elite Stock Management Limited IN301670 New Delhi
30 Eureka Stock & Share Broking Services Limited IN302105 Kolkata
31 Farsight Securities Limited IN301766 New Delhi
32 Geojit Financial Services Limited IN300239 Kochi
33 Geojit Financial Services Limited IN301637 Kochi
34 Globe Capital Market Limited IN300966 New Delhi
35 Gogia International Securities Limited IN300589 New Delhi
36 HDFC Bank Limited IN300126 Mumbai
37 HDFC Bank Limited IN301151 Mumbai
38 HDFC Bank Limited IN301549 Mumbai
39 HDFC Bank Limited IN300476 Mumbai
40 ICICI Bank Limited IN301348 Mumbai
41 IDBI Bank Limited IN300505 Pune
42 IDBI Bank Limited IN300450 Mumbai
43 IL&FS Securities Services Limited IN300095 Mumbai
44 IL&FS Securities Services Limited IN302871 Mumbai
45 Indsec Securities and Finance Limited IN300062 Mumbai
46 Indus Portfolio Private Limited IN300940 New Delhi
47 IndusInd Bank Limited IN300159 Mumbai
48 Integrated Enterprises (India) Limited IN300757 Mumbai
49 Integrated Enterprises (India) Limited IN300441 Chennai
50 Integrated Enterprises (India) Limited IN301313 Chennai
51 InvestMentor Securities Limited IN301233 Ahmedabad
52 J K Securities Pvt. Ltd. IN300636 Anand
53 Janata Sahakari Bank Limited, Pune IN300280 Pune
54 JM Financial Services Private Limited IN302927 Mumbai
55 JRG Securities Ltd. IN301895 Kochi
56 Jyoti Portfolio Limited IN302050 New Delhi
57 Karvy Stock Broking Limited IN300394 Hyderabad
58 Karvy Stock Broking Limited IN301926 Bangalore
59 Khandwala Integrated Financial Services Private Limited IN301485 Ahmedabad
60 Khandwala Integrated Financial Services Private Limited IN302700 Jaipur
61 Kotak Mahindra Bank Limited IN303173 Mumbai
62 Kotak Securities Limited IN300214 Mumbai
63 Maheshwari Technical and Financial Services Limited IN301959 New Delhi
64 Mansukh Securities and Finance Limited IN301653 New Delhi
65 Marck Securities Private Limited IN302960 New Delhi
66 Marwadi Shares & Finance Limited IN300974 Rajkot
67 Master Capital Services Limited IN301143 New Delhi
68 MF Global Sify Securities India Private Limited IN302164 Mumbai
69 Microsec India Limited IN302978 Kolkata
70 Monarch Project & Finmarkets Limited IN303052 Ahmedabad
71 Multiplex Capital Limited IN302620 New Delhi
72 Oriental Bank Of Commerce IN300020 Mumbai
73 Oriental Bank Of Commerce IN301071 Mumbai
74 Oriental Bank Of Commerce IN300804 New Delhi
75 Oriental Bank Of Commerce IN300837 Kolkata
76 Peerless Securities Limited IN300958 Kolkata
77 Pelf Finstock Limited IN302943 New Delhi
78 Pravin Ratilal Share and Stock Brokers Limited IN300982 Ahmedabad
79 Ratnakar Securities Private Limited IN300652 Ahmedabad
80 RBC Financial Services Private Limited IN301590 New Delhi
81 Religare Securities Ltd. IN301774 New Delhi
82 Sam Global Securities Limited IN303655 New Delhi
83 Sharekhan Limited IN300513 Mumbai
84 Shree Bahubali International Limited IN300773 Kolkata
85 Shri Parasram Holdings Private Limited IN302365 New Delhi
86 SS Corporate Securities Limited IN303399 New Delhi
87 SS Corporate Securities Limited IN303108 New Delhi
88 Standard Chartered - STCI Capital Markets Limited IN300360 Mumbai
89 Standard Chartered Bank IN300100 Mumbai
90 Star Finvest Private Limited IN302540 New Delhi
91 State Bank of Indore IN300765 Indore
92 Stock Holding Corporation of India Limited IN300011 Mumbai
93 Stock Holding Corporation of India Limited IN300888 Mumbai
94 Stock Holding Corporation of India Limited IN301127 Mumbai
95 Stock Holding Corporation of India Limited IN301330 Mumbai
96 Stock Holding Corporation of India Limited IN302025 Mumbai
97 Stock Holding Corporation of India Limited IN301715 Mumbai
98 Stock Holding Corporation of India Limited IN301276 Ahmedabad
99 Stock Holding Corporation of India Limited IN301039 Rajkot
100 Stock Holding Corporation of India Limited IN301250 Kolkata
101 Stock Holding Corporation of India Limited IN301135 Bangalore
102 Stock Holding Corporation of India Limited IN301080 Chennai
103 Stock Holding Corporation of India Limited IN301022 Hyderabad
104 Stock Holding Corporation of India Limited IN300812 Mumbai
105 Tamilnad Mercantile Bank Limited IN303069 Chennai
106 The Cosmos Cooperative Bank Ltd IN301098 Pune
107 The Federal Bank Limited IN301516 Ernakulam
108 The Jammu and Kashmir Bank Limited IN302349 New Delhi
109 Trans Scan Securities (P) Ltd IN302496 Kolkata
110 Union Bank of India IN303157 Mumbai
111 Ventura Securities Limited IN303116 Mumbai
112 Vivek Financial Focus Limited IN300861 New Delhi
113 Vogue Commercial Company Limited IN302092 New Delhi
114 Zuari Investments Limited IN301055 New Delhi


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Bangalore based providers of CDSL easiest

DP Name  	DP ID  	  Address  	Contact No.  	Fax No.  	E-mail ID
ALLEGRO CAPITAL ADVISORS PRIVATE LIMITED 	60300 	9TH FLOOR, NO. 2, THE RESIDENCY, RESIDENCY ROAD, BANGALORE, KARNATAKA, INDIA, 560025 	080-60607888 	080-41216785 	[email][email protected][/email] [email][email protected][/email]

ANMOL SHARE BROKING LIMITED 	64700 	4TH FLOOR, LAKSHMI C OMPLEX, NO. 40, K R FORT ROA D, , BANGALORE, KARNATAKA, INDIA, 560002 	080-40463100 	080-40463102 	[email][email protected][/email] [email][email protected][/email]

BANGALORE STOCK EXCHANGE LIMITED 	17300 	STOCK EXCHANGE TOWER, 51, 1ST CROSS, J. C. ROAD, BANGALORE, KARNATAKA, INDIA, 560027 	080-227 8314/8315 	080-299 5242 	[email][email protected][/email] [email][email protected][/email] [email][email protected][/email]

BANK OF INDIA - BANGALORE - D.P.O 	20803 	2ND FLR,BANK OF INDI A BUILDING, 11, KEMPE GOWDA ROAD, , BANGALORE, KARNATAKA, INDIA, 560009 	080-2280367 	080-2389870 	[email][email protected][/email]
BgSE FINANCIALS LIMI TED 	54900 	51, STOCK EXCHANGE T OWERS, 1ST CROSS, J C ROAD, BANGALORE, KARNATAKA, INDIA, 560027 	080-41575232/539 	080-22276674 	[email][email protected][/email] 
[email][email protected][/email] [email][email protected][/email] [email][email protected][/email]

COMPOSITE INVESTMENTS PRIVATE LIMITED 	65200 	NO. 30/1, 3RD FLOOR, S. J. TOWERS, MISSION ROAD, BANGALORE, KARNATAKA, INDIA, 560027 	080-22244909/12 	080-22240553 	[email][email protected][/email] [email][email protected][/email]

OMNESYS TRADENET PRIVATE LIMITED 	38300 	NO 34, ANNAPOORNA CO MPLEX, SOUTH END ROAD, BASAVANAGUDI, BANGALORE, KARNATAKA, INDIA, 560004 	080-26652745 	080-26652746 	[email][email protected][/email] [email][email protected][/email]

SHARAVU FINANCIALS PRIVATE LIMITED 	65800 	120/50, 1ST FL, SUNDER COMPLEX, VINAYAKA TEMPLE STRE ET, 4TH BLOCK, JAYANAGAR, BANGALORE, KARNATAKA, INDIA, 560011 	080-26546168 	080-26546168 	[email][email protected][/email] [email][email protected][/email]

WAY2WEALTH BROKERS PRIVATE LIMITED 	62900 	FRONTLINE GRANDEUR, GROUND FLOOR, NO. 14 WALTON ROAD, BANGALORE, KARNATAKA, INDIA, 560001 	080-43676869 	080-43676999 	[email][email protected][/email] [email][email protected][/email] [email][email protected][/email]

o3 SECURITIES PRIVATE LIMITED 	63500 	o3 HOUSE, NO. 27, MAGRATH ROAD, , BANGALORE, KARNATAKA, INDIA, 560001 	080-42410000 	080-42410022 	[email][email protected][/email] [email][email protected][/email]
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Any one has used Speed e? What is the advantage of this service for any one trading through a broker?
Can we trade through Speed e with out a broker. How it works ?


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Any one has used Speed e? What is the advantage of this service for any one trading through a broker?
Can we trade through Speed e with out a broker. How it works ?
Speed-e is automatically an included service in internet brokerage account. In an offline account for example, you have to give the delivery instruction slip with signature and other details. This is not needed in an online account.
The advantage is that one can sell shares without visiting the brokerage branch where one has the account. This is very much required since very often we want to sell the share when we are in office or out of station ,if not anything traffic itself is enough. ;-)
Speed e is the facility but for any share tx we need a trading account. So it is a part of an online account,once activated, we can bypass the broker.

Also see on the formalities.
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