How to use 4G Internet for Trading


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Thank you for the views friends. I took 4G Hotspot for Rs 2300 and I am happy with it. Works well when I connect laptop and 2 mobiles with this hotspot :)


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How much data per month ?
Data plans are not good at the moment, although speeds are real good.

Data plan rates are supposed to go down drastically, when Reliance Jio would be launched, as that would heat up the whole 4G market for gaining customers.

Currently Airtel offers 3 GB data for Rs 650, and the prices increase by Rs 100 for every additional 1GB data.

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True mt, but if u have post paid mobile then no disconnection....i have used all of the isp mobile providers, with postpaid of airtel,vodafone does not disconnect....most of the time i start system in 6 am morning till 2 am night without disconnections.
depends on area you are using.
in cellphone network there is limitations of lines.they can not connect unlimited subscribers simultaneously like wire matter post paid or prepaid. to hold customers they take more care to prepaid than post paid.i tried many cellphone post paid connection usually they disconnect after 2.30 to 3hrs usage if lines are busy.


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i am using jio 4g hotspot working well
no disconnections problem. earlier i tried with all telecoms.
they will disconnect after 2 to 3 hrs and have to reconnect manually.
this problem is not there with jio.


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What is ur jio 4g hotspot? From jio or another manufacturer.

Want to buy a tested hotspot for jio..I trade crude also, so 10-12 hr working...Is that too hot for a hotspot?
Anyone can share online buy fliplart or link..

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