Hotforex forex broker - any feedback?

as of today i think NFT trading on opensea is more popular than crypto and alt coins, people are going crazy with nft projects but of course there is no avoiding scams and rug pulls
In my opinion forex trading is evergreen as long as we need fiat to fuel transactions across the globe. Crypto also like S&P, Nasdaq, penny stocks etc where the coins or tokens are emerging every day. So diversifying the portfolio is a good option you can also put some of your funds in PAMM account but do some of your necessary research.
Yes as far as diversifying your portfolio is concerned i guess doing both is not an issue as long as you know what to do otherwise do remember one passenger with two boats scenario.
I think it will be more and more popular, yes, and with all the inflation going on and more and more fiat are going through rough times especially the USD, people might lean more into crypto though it has a lot more risk to it. setting that aside, anyone here got the road to paris email? the new contest for hotforex? it has some really nice prizes this time around
Yes the prizes in my opinion are wonderful and everyone should at least take this for try whether or not winning is a mere a luck because there are many experienced traders already participating in the contest, still we can try our odds to see what we get at the end. They already have some generous prizes for the runner up positions i see.

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