Hotforex Raw Spread Account for Algo - Your opinion


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Hey guys, please advice is it makes sense to shift from Hotforex Micro to Raw spread account. They advertise it as an way to receive such spreads on your trades that they receive from their LP. In other words they don't have any markup and earn only from fixed commissions. I wanted to know is this account better for algo software (100-200 orders daily)?



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Lower spreads does sound better but usually many such offers have hidden disclaimers that often spring traps

Compare it step - by - step and plan a gradual move if all is OK

In micro account, your lot size is 1000 and all spread pips are adjusted according....

Does Raw account force you to deal with standard lot size of 100000 and above or does it allow a scale down too.... Also, does commission also scale down with it....


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Yeah, commission also lower proportionally to the decline of lot size. That's the biggest advatange of this account according to my tests.


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Anybody tried algo trading with FX brokers? Is it possible to make money with a strategy of such style? Are transaction costs a serious barrier?

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