Going with the Intraday Mini-Flow!!

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Now,unlike the 60min Flow Thread.........not going to start off by defining the rules,what the Set-up is,how the position sizing should be.There definitely is a Strategy,a Set Up,a definite Plan,and the execution of that Plan.......but we shall definitely discuss it as we go along.Probably a month later.

The reason is very simple,.........I have been doing this particular method for only a few months now.And would like to see all angles of it before opening up a discussion.So,give me a Month........

I will be posting the trades here.......some may be at the time,not all can be immediately as juggling with many things at the same time.So,don't follow blindly what I am posting.Keep track ,if you would like,as to what this thread is up to,though..........

Basically,I have read,and been told,that Intraday Trading is all about Sophistication,.......sophisticated softwares,codes,indicators........This thread is,as always,only going to use charts,.....price and volume,as always.I have been told that a trader who trades intraday has to go down to 5min charts,2min,1min.......This thread is headed once again in the opposite direction,the exact time frame of trade,we shall talk about later........but have this feeling that Smart Trade,Nifty Chance,Rakesh among others would have it figured out in a few days.

In many ways,this thread is headed off in the opposite direction as to how normal intraday trading is perceived.........and yet,the similarities of a set Trading Plan and clear cut strategies are also there.

This thread is all about these trades,winning and losing,and let's see how things stand on Oct 15th.This entire method just may fall flat on its face.......or it just may not.So caution on blindly following,please.

This thread,like the previous one,is still about "Going with the Flow",it is still about being in the "NOW".....it's about Seizing that Moment and capitalising on it.

All the best!
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Re: Going with an Intraday Mini-Flow!!


Wow! Another Gem is the right word. I am amazed to see your mind constantly discovering, exploring and innovating new methods to trade. I wish you all success from the bottom of my heart.

Your post says 4AM; have you got up early or yet to sleep?!



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Re: Going with an Intraday Mini-Flow!!

Good to see a new thread from you that too for intra day. Thanks.


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Re: Going with an Intraday Mini-Flow!!

Dear Saint,

I saw this thread and got so much exited. One simple reason is that I spotted your new thread very, very early. Normally it do not happen to me.

It takes enormous efforts for one who notices your threads a bit late, why? you know, once statred, it flows like a flooded river. Do not look like stopping anytime. Only difference is that this river brings up many lives.

Those who, likes to have a peek (of course everybody does) at your threads by joining in between have to struggle a bit/a lot to comprehend whats going on. Once overflown I would rather give up.

You are the life line of Traderji. I feel there were many before, now a days they may be showing up once in a while, due to their commitments.

All the best and I will be eagerly following this thread.

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