Going with the Intraday Mini-Flow!!

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Re: Going with an Intraday Mini-Flow!!

a thanks is all i can say...and yes, i will be monitoring this thread very closely, trying to figure out how things work.

A small suggestion to all- please dont try to see inconsistencies here...day trading is lesser rigid methodically. So you may have different answers for the same scenario...in different situations. Just try to see the logic behind the moves...the broader picture, and please dont over-analyse.

Even if you enter/exit at different levels as saint does...that shd be ok provided the direction is the same....dont curse yourself for that. Day trading will take time to master...this is not as 'easy' as trading the other tfs. But saint is there to guide us...to shorten our learning curves.

Thanks a lot,
just great ...thanx a ton....:)


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Re: Going with an Intraday Mini-Flow!!

Really like the closing of trades in fourths...
The 5min low according to my data -15 comes to 4050, I wonder how you got in @ 4055, 5points early ......

answer post market Please :)

15 points is room used for 60 min flow. when trading lower timeframes the room should also be less

but lets wait for a few days till saint clears it...or we may get a hint from his trades.....

praveen taneja

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Re: Going with an Intraday Mini-Flow!!

lay man's holdings....hold .......ings.......GPIL 413832 , EMKAY 982134 ,GTC- 300000,IOLN -- 400000 , KPIT CUMMINS -- 862823,ORBIT -1750000,Anant Raj -- 5362500,DCB --5300000,SPIC MOBILE - 3289774,CCL-- 503000,Prithvi-- 476160,West Coast paper- 2500000,Kalpataru Power--350000,IVRCL-1600000,Pioneee Emb- 394356,Eidelweiss-- 1350000,SPice Tele-- 9203000,Philips Carbon- 1000000,PSL-980408,TULIP-811004,IOLN-585000,Moser Bear -2252000,Ruchi Soya--2270000,Mastek-1423406,Fedders LLyod-1505918,Dhampur Sugar- 2277272,NorthGate Tech- 1454904,Triveni Eng-5873053,NIIT- 2117926,United phos-2489609,CAIRNSOFT-3427000,AMTEK AUTO--2947000,KPIT CUMMINS-5700000,PLEX--455625,GATI--1112000,....
These are LEHMAN Brothers holdings in India sorry for posting here its just for information
Re: Going with an Intraday Mini-Flow!!

Holding 2 lots short more with a stop loss of 4029........if triggers,planning to reverse to longs.

Note:All stops are not reversal points in this thread,.....today it is.



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Re: Going with an Intraday Mini-Flow!!

Hi Saint,

Why do I sense another gem coming along here? :)

Good man!

Best wishes.


As some initial contribution here, I have just marked this as a Sticky Thread.
This is done in anticipation that there will be heavy traffic here, much discussion and even more learning.
It will be more advantageous and convenient for all the participants here.

I'm doing this in my capacity as a moderator.
But regardless of that, and being leveraged thus in a manner of speaking, I'm also doing this for I'm a student of the market and a learner at Saint's threads.

So, I'm exercising my rights at different levels, and who can begrudge me that, I ask!! :)
Re: Going with an Intraday Mini-Flow!!


I am totally confused.

After seeing posts from members appreciating your effort in starting this thread, I saw a post from you saying,

"Shorted at 4055,stop loss at 4100
Saint "

I couldnot make out if u are talking about Nifty50 or Nifty futures. I went thru charts and remaining posts but could not find 4062 or 4092 any where. Or my charts are not right??
Pl clarify.

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