intra day live

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    Hi, I am from UAE. I have 2 querries, regarding live data intraday. 1) I need 1/5 minute OHLC figures to an Excel sheet to feed my excel trading system (which is under construction ;) ) I am using Nest Trader and Nest2Ami for feeding Amibroker. Is it possible to get data (OHLC 1/5 min)...
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    hello to everyone

    Dear friends, hello to all, i'm new to trading and mostly interested in Intraday trading and will to join market soon, what about kotak securities.... im open to all kind of advises and wishes......
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    new one

    hi to all,want to become a full time trader:thumb::thumb:
  4. Saint

    Going with the Intraday Mini-Flow!!

    Now,unlike the 60min Flow Thread.........not going to start off by defining the rules,what the Set-up is,how the position sizing should be.There definitely is a Strategy,a Set Up,a definite Plan,and the execution of that Plan.......but we shall definitely discuss it as we go along.Probably a...