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“Win or lose, everybody gets what they want out of the market.---Ed Seykota

Famous trend trader Ed Seykota made this very important statement. Think about it, we all get what we want from the market.

Some want to make money, so they make money...some want to pity themselves so they lose money and market satisfies their pity wish, some want to be proven right,no mater whether they make money or not so they go on arguing with the markets...,some want to do great analysis but have trouble in pulling the trigger and take a trade so market gives them opportunities of being good analysts...some want to get pain so market gives them losses and pain...some want to kill time so market gives them a great way to kill their time...some want to always go against established norms so market gives them opportunity to trade against the trend....

When I was trading sitting in brokers dealing room, I even found that some come to market for social they form their group, discuss politics ,what Yellen should or should not do....then have tea ( on broker's account ), go out and have samosas...but are never serious about trading and making money....

So we all get what we want from the market.


I was waiting for 20350/20400, as clear indications are there on chart for these numbers.
But market was in no mood to move above 20290 and so didnt oblige :lol:
May be on Monday :D

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