Happynewyear to all.With extream disciplin,hardwork,concentration,intelligence,knowledge and experience,one can be successful.will it be more lucrative to enter sharetrading than doing his own buisieness by holding abovesaid qualifications.


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Trading the capital markets is definitely lucrative. It is however ruthless equally to people of all profiles, be it an untrained retail investor, day trader, fund managers.

Also, it is difficult to quantify what can be called as extreme hardwork, intelligence, etc. Regardless of how intelligent, knowledgeable, etc. one is, the bottom line is the final word on it.
Is it better to trade in positional or intraday I am very much confuse about this.
If we talk about risk , positional trading is less risky than intraday as it involves holding securities for a longer time. But returns from day trading can be more as compared to positional trading as a day trader trades every day and hence his chances of making profits is more than in case of positional trading. But other side of the story says that a day trader may stand to lose out more than a positional trader as well if he does not trade with caution .
So which one of the two is better would depend on the type of trader you are because both styles have their own pros and cons