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The dip seems complete or may be a few points left more.
But whenever BNF trades over 20099
I will look for 75/100/125 points

BTW, if fails to move above 20099, then be ready for more consolidation and dip (though probability is very less) :D
Done !!!!!!!!!
High so far 20245

Though took more time than anticipated. :D
Looking at the blockbuster debut of BSE, I get a feeling that NSE might get a good listing.When is the NSE filing its IPO?
I think that the BSE issue is about 5000 crores, while the NSE issue is supposed to be 40000 crores. Maybe that will make a difference.

But then the BSE issue was oversubscribed 51 times. Those who missed the bus with the BSE will want to ride the NSE bus.

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