1. I

    How share pricing Works?

    I was looking at a share (Surat Textile mills) and the share price is around 1.30 rs and has very low float, that is it has just 22 crore share outstanding. This company has zero debt and eps of around .50 paise per year and even if we leave these things aside, this company has over 55 crores as...
  2. A

    How to make excel sheet with stock financials

    I want to make a excel sheet of stocks along with their cmp, financial ratios like roe, roce, pledged shares, etc. but doing it manually for all 5000+ stocks is almost impossible. So can anyone help me how to do it. Most screeners out there mostly doesn’t cover all BSE stocks. If they do, then...
  3. R

    How to calculate ROCE for Banks

    I have seen ROCE for most of the sectors/Industry, but could not find way to calculate ROCE for Banks. I am not from Finance background so not able to make it from P/L statement. Please advice how to calculate ROCE for BANKS like SBI, HDFC to compare efficiency
  4. D

    Full Time Trader

    Hi, I am a full time trader into technical and fundamental investing. I do very less, intra trades, more of swing and positional trades. I also teach how to trade capital markets, for people who wish to start 2nd incomeor primary income the right way. Trade with an edge. Be...
  5. A

    regarding price movement

    A company launch a new product... does it affect the stock price fastly???:o:o
  6. J

    Fundamental or Technical

    Which analysis we should go for is it Fundamental or Technical, Most often we choose to go on advises offered on TV's i.e., Technical analysis. Ist is advisable to go for such advises
  7. MOON-moon

    Lets talk current fundamental

    they say : >>> without fundamental analysis, you are gambling without technical analysis, you are blindfolded in the market and without risk analysis, you have no control about me i am just a trader like many of you, apart from my education which is in a completely different stream. i am...
  8. B

    Question on ... Custom trading software dev & data feed

    Hello friends, I am developing a minor analysis platform more suited for individual investors with JAVA. Till now this is used for US market and pulls data, allows some analysis as well as prints reports etc. I am now customizing it for India market and I have few basic questions. 1. In US...
  9. B

    Hello from across the pond

    Hi Friends, This is Deepak Tripathy from California. I have been investing in US market since 2003 and have seen my wealth skyrocket and evaporate as well. I started investing in India market from 2005/2006 thru my dad's acct as I became older and wiser (?). I mostly use some sort of...
  10. ioshean

    follow Technical Analysis

    always media focusing technical analysis they are telling technical points of stocks and nifty why market moment is similar to technical points(r1,r2,s1,s2) how they caluclated this levals???? is market following this levals or is levals are following market anyone operating market near to...
  11. F

    SENSEX overvalued by 14.10% - Fundamental valuation of SENSEX

    I am sure you guys must have heard lately that markets went ahead of themselves too quickly and should experience some correction. Although there is lots of storytelling in the media but I never saw any fundamental valuation of SENSEX. So i though you may find this SENSEX valuation report...
  12. A

    investment analysis software

    Hi All, I am required to make a review on the softwares available for financial and investment analysis along with features and pricing. The way we use metastock or amibroker (charting packages) and reuters data feed or esignal for price data feeds, i would like to know the comparables for...
  13. F

    Whats the intrinsic value of Satyam

    Although satyam has appreciated 300% since acquisition, the up side is going forward maxes @Rs 320, under most optimistic scenario(rev cagr of 24% for next 4 years(2009-2011),excess return of 5% in stable growth, EBIT margin of 24% and legal liability to the tune of 3000cr). Under more...
  14. S

    Proxy Statements

    Hi, I recently got intrested in investing and read Benjamin Grahan and Peter Lynch. They discuss and recommend reading Proxy statements again and again. My questions 1. Does this apply in Indian context? I tried searching for proxy statements by indian companies but could not find one. Is it...
  15. M

    Predicting Market direction

    Hi Guys, I am starting this new thread to share everyones view on market based on both fundamentals and technical parameters. As knowing the direction of broad index is very imp to trade even in individual stocks, I know this thread will be useful to all of us. So keep posting your view for...