1. Tuna

    Can you see the future? Hands on Techno Charts !

    Enough of theory classes with The FakeTrader (that's me). How about some hands on? On this thread I will put some random chart (which can be from Equity or Comodity or Even Index. The name of the instrument will be hidden and the any other information which can let us identify the underlying...
  2. S

    amibroker help

    Hello I have small doubt in amibroker. I have data which has data from 9:08 AM (which is pre market) and I have afl to explore shares crossing yesterday high. I am getting wrong result when exploring as it has consided 9:08 AM data also in day calculation because amibroker is considering data...
  3. A

    intraday parameters

    Pl advice the parameters for the below technical indicator for intraday 5 min graft for NIFTY FUTURE, MACD MFI ROC RSI SlowStoch FastStoch
  4. D

    Full Time Trader

    Hi, I am a full time trader into technical and fundamental investing. I do very less, intra trades, more of swing and positional trades. I also teach how to trade capital markets, for people who wish to start 2nd incomeor primary income the right way. Trade with an edge. Be...
  5. J

    Fundamental or Technical

    Which analysis we should go for is it Fundamental or Technical, Most often we choose to go on advises offered on TV's i.e., Technical analysis. Ist is advisable to go for such advises
  6. D

    Technical Analysis

    I have recently written strategy based on technical analysis and backtested it. The results were quite okayish. And based on this strategy I ran a screening on march 31 2014 and gave buy signals on 106 stocks. I'm attaching a csv file with all the entries and profits till now. Please share your...
  7. S

    EOD chart or live streaming charts

    Hello All, I am new to trading and want to explore the technical side of trading. Could you please assist me with my confusion on chart selection. I currently downloaded the chart nexus free version and it shows me EOD charts until previous day with support & resistance on just two stocks...
  8. S

    hello friends!!

    hello friends, this is is Shivam Sinha from UP. I am new to this forum and also a beginner in stock market. i am into this stock market from last 2 years. I am here in this forum to increase my knowledge in the said fiels and also to learn technical analysis.
  9. A

    Not so amateurish

    Thanks to technology and forums such as Traderji, trading opens up opportunities for budding traders like me. I've been toying with the market for over 5 years now, and have evolved in time from a fundamental approach to investing to a technical one. It also helped that in my early days I had a...
  10. S

    Information about Stock trading - An Article

    Stocks are paper resources that an organizations offer when they want to increase cash. When you buy a stock you will actually own a portion of that organization, so you become concerned about how that organization is doing. A share market provides services for stock brokers and traders for...
  11. M

    TA course by Precision Technicals

    Hi Guys, I attended 2 days TA training session on 9,10 Oct 2010. Ashish Kelkar of Precision Technicals, Pune conducted the sessions. Here is my feedback. 1. I need to book it almost 2 months in advance as all other batches were full. 2. They had exactly 50 people in batch. 3. The arrangement...
  12. sdalal

    AHLU CON: Ready to breakout

    AHLU CONS: Listed on both NSE BSE. The stock has created double bottom at 192-93 level. Currently it is trading near to is falling trendline. With oscillators in oversold zone . i think the possible breakout may be seen in coming days.major hurdle will 50EMA which is around 208-209. if it...
  13. sdalal

    so muct tops-A real breakdown

    Below see the daily chart of Jyoti structures. Six times it tried to breakout and failed, and see the results. Always watch double ,triple tops carfully. confirmation needs before we enter.
  14. sdalal

    BANCO PROD: A perfect chart for trade

  15. sdalal

    NMDC- Consolidating

    NMDC: After touching Nov low in march end,the stock is consolidating and is making situation to move up in coming days. see the chart.
  16. sdalal

    Sterlite: Narrow range

    On friday the script taken a good support from the rising trendline. But there is one more trendline which is coming down. Coming days the stock will move in this range,once break below will see panic or above will see earlier highs.
  17. R

    Why technical indicators dosent work ?

    why technical indicators dosent work?:confused: :)Hello traders my name is suresh new to traderji. I just wanna share a quick thought about technical indicators and why they dosent work all the hear is my understanding with an example :!:--- Immagine that a large...
  18. sdalal

    NIFTY- Channel Breakout.11th feb 2010

    NIFTY- Channel Breakout.11th feb 2010 (DAILY CHART) I see some Upmove in coming week. Other support seems to 200 EMA,it has not broken the same. And Now trading above the Mid Term Support line. Channel Breakout Confirmed,on 15th feb 2010. now have a resistance 4924. 3 March: Nifty...
  19. sdalal

    GOLD v/s USD.: changing co-relation

    Gold -Short situation. Gold ,yesterday was volatile and played in both direction with high of 1068$ and Low of 1044.Close 1065. $1070-75 range is resistance for gold.Short Gold in current position keeping Stop Loss of $1077. Down side target is 1044,1025. May on monday and tuesday the gold...
  20. sdalal

    Dow-The coming days effect.

    Dow Last close is 10002.It have broken is 9975 support in intraday,good thing was it closes above that level. Daily chart suggest that here from now it can touch 10220,which is the immediate resistance.But on chart it is trading below the medium term upper trend.which means it is negative...