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Try MyCams online.It is a good one.It will also have the detials of your existing Folios if you are holding some.
For a trader coin will make sense if we can pledge it for margin...unfortunately it is not allowed ..
till then I think other service is way to go ?? no point paying extra for coin.
I am sure, Zerodha should be working towards this direction. Last communication from Zerodha was to get NBFC license will trigger in this direction only. Which will be a Super deal - Direct Mutual Funds Investment and Pledge to get margin/loan funding.


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Kuvera is a completely free platform and they claim to make money by offering advisory and PMS services which is honestly ridiculous because we Indians don't like paying for advisory. Their Founder Gaurav was asked on a Facebook group about their revenue model multiple times and he refused to answer. I don't think they have a business model. They recently raised $250,000 and seems like they are burning it.

Clearufunds uses to charge Rs 199 up until very recently and they went completely a couple of weeks ago. So their new revenue model is something called as Smart Portfolios otherwise knows as ADVISORY! Basically, they create a custom portfolio of funds based on your risk appetite and will be charged at Rs 999 per portfolio, per year. Again, the same issue arises, this model in my honest opinion isn't scalable because Indians don't like paying. These people haven't raised any money, not sure how long they will survive or how or to what will they pivot now that they went through their first one.

Invezta was one of the earliest direct MF platforms in India and they are a decent platform. Their basic platform is charged at Rs 79 a month and the premium one (transaction+advisory) at Rs 109 a month which seems a bit dear to me.

Don't know much about Unovest, but if their pricing is any indication to go by then I don't like what they have to offer

I am DIY investor and all I need is an execution platform. I have some holdings in Zerodha and Fyers and hence I use Zerodha Coin to invest in direct MFs which is actually a decent platform. No bells and whistles and definitely no robos.

Hope this helps.
Kuvera is good with no fees but then how are they going to survive .


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Paytm Money, ETMoney are also offering direct mutual funds. I tried Paytm money, pretty good one. Anyone got experience with these two?

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