1. C

    Direct mutual funds platform

    Recently several platforms have come up for investing in direct funds which charge monthly flat fees in place of the regular commission and take care of all the paperwork. Zerodha coin, Kuvera,, invezta, clearfunds etc. Can you share your experience with them good/bad with them. I...
  2. timepass

    Performance Postmortem

    January performance : Month Opening Profits Added Closing || Brokerage Taxes etc. Jan-14 22808 -5235 0 17573 || 3107 3397 Tried trading Banknifty futures, generally made losses there. I did ok in options though. I mostly seem to buy at the top and sell at the bottom using...
  3. U


    Hello I am new to Traderji and am an amateur investor... still learning to swim in the financial seas :confused: I came across this site while browsing a few websites.. I also came across some sites such as I was wondering if anyone has ever used that before.. the site looks...