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  1. S

    Please help to finish research thesis on F&O

    Im student from RKM Vivekananda College. Plz help me finish my research thesis on Derivatives. Thanks in Advance
  2. A

    Shall I send my business and invest in Mutual Funds?

    I am from India. I have a small hotel, which generates around 70k/average per month. Some months high, some months low. 70k after deducting business expenses. From this 70k, I have a personal home expense of around 50k to 60k. I have 9 members in my family, and this is the only business I...
  3. R

    Is trading better than investing?

    There are a few common points between trading and investing. Both involve putting your money in the stock market and waiting for the stock prices to rise. Speculation is also heavily involved in both activities. But which is better? Let’s go through a few of their features to get a conclusion...
  4. R

    What do you think about these returns?

    If you look at my MFs & Direct Stocks. I've done better in MFs compared to stocks. Any recommendations or suggestions for this portfolio?
  5. S

    Are banking apps safe for investing in mutual funds or SIP?

    There are many banking apps that are actually allowing to invest in the mutual fund or start or SIP. Is it worth and are they insightful to use just like other apps have been sharing the market insights.
  6. A

    savings vs overnight fund

    Hi, I hear a lot about overnight mutual funds. Suppose we park a amount of 10 lakhs in savings bank account for 3 months, that offers a interest of 3.25%. Can someone please advise if we could get more returns from overnight mutual fund. Thanks in advance. AH.
  7. S

    Why to invest in SIP and How to invest in SIP?

    At this time, when our economy is down, I just wanted to know is it suggested to invest or not in the mutual funds.
  8. C

    Which Banks App is best for investing in the mutual fund?

    There are multiple apps for investing in the mutual funds and I wanted to know the most preferred app for investing in the mutual fund.... Please suggest...
  9. I

    Do you guys know any mutual fund that writes covered calls for stock holding.

    SEBI has allowed mutual funds to write covered calls with some limitation. If anyone have detail regarding any scheme doing covered calls please provide name of the scheme and more imformation if possible.
  10. B

    Mutual Funds Investment Advice

    Hi. I am planning to start investing in mutual funds now. I am a beginner and young(28). I plan on doing investments as a lump sum and SIP. I plan to invest 5 lakhs via lump sum now and SIP of 20k per month for next 3 years starting this month. I plan to diversify my investments across multiple...
  11. R

    Which is the best on going hybrid funds- Monthly Dividend ?

    Hi, Which is the best on going hybrid funds which provides Monthly Dividend ? type of risk evolved ? Thanks!
  12. samwarez

    suggest mutual funds

    I want to invest 1lakh in mutual funds. Can you suggest debt mutual funds (or small equity exposure fund ) which will give me 9 per cent interest for one year?
  13. C

    Suggestion on my protfolio

    Hi All, I m new mutual fund investment, Since from this month i m investing in this fund. My age is 36. I m investing for 15 to 20 yrs. For child Education -------------------------------------------- 1. Mirae Asset Emerging Bluechip Fund - Direct - Growth (Large-MidCap) 10 k 2. Canara Robeco...
  14. R

    Need suggestion for new SIP

    Hello! I am 25, unmarried. Working in a public sector unit and my net salary per month is 45k. I have started investing in SIPs from October 2018. My present portfolio consists Aditya Birla Sun Life TR96 growth(ELSS) - 3k per month Axis Long Term Equity Fund(ELSS) - 3k pm SBI Small Cap Fund...
  15. K

    Mutual Fund Investment: 5 criteria to pick the right mutual fund

    The mutual fund portfolio should be carefully designed keeping in mind your financial objective, investment horizon, and risk appetite. Whether it is a short-term or long-term goal, there are several mutual funds to cater your investment needs. As selecting a mutual fund is a unilateral...
  16. C

    I'm confused between SIP and Mutual funds.

    What's the most profitable yet secure option out of the two? How can I get started with it?
  17. M

    Thematic Investing or Mutual Fund?

    Which one is best for long term investment with high return and less risk thematic investing or mutual fund?
  18. S

    List of Mutual Funds by ST Da

    List of Mutual Funds by ST Da- 1) Large cap Diversified Equity schemes like Franklin India Frontline Equity Fund,Birla Sunlife Top 100 Fund,ICICI Value Discovery Fund,Birla Sunlife Long Term Advantage Fund,Franklin India Bluechip Fund,Motilal Oswal Focussed 25 Fund,ICICI Prudential Focussed...
  19. C

    Direct mutual funds platform

    Recently several platforms have come up for investing in direct funds which charge monthly flat fees in place of the regular commission and take care of all the paperwork. Zerodha coin, Kuvera,, invezta, clearfunds etc. Can you share your experience with them good/bad with them. I...
  20. S

    Help in mutual funds

    I have invested in ICICI Prudential Top 100 Fund - Direct Plan (G), reliance small cap and HDFC TOP 200 in month of Jan in lump-sum. All of these mutual funds are doing very bad. Should I wait for some more wait and redeem? Any response in this regard highly appreciated.. Thank you!